Yekaterinburg is awash with history and culture, as it witnessed the execution of the last Russian czar, who was buried in the blood church, which was built at the site where Emperor Nicholas and his family were executed in 1918, and the church is decorated with stunning interiors and many works of the most important Russian artists.

It is possible to climb to the highest commercial building, Vosotsky, which is the second tallest building in Russia outside Moscow, and it is one of the city’s main monuments, consisting of 52 floors, to obtain stunning panoramic views of the city and the beautiful surrounding countryside. The city houses many impressive and impressive museums, such as the Museum of Architecture, the Museum of Design History and the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts.

Regardless of the season you visit the city, it provides all the pleasant activities outdoors, including cross country skiing, horse riding, paragliding and long walks. It also contains a traditional zoo and a pet park that allows interaction with animals close-up without exposure. At risk.

The Ural Mountains contain a wealth of precious and semi-precious stones. The city has been a center of jewelery trading for centuries, and it can be bought from stores throughout the city or see the rarest types in the famous Jewelry Museum or the Ural Geological Museum.

The city’s cultural center is centered in the literary neighborhood, where Uralic writers and artists are celebrated, proudly preserved and displayed in their writings, and include the works of Dmitriy Mamina Sibiriak and Pavel Bazhoff. The paths of this street decorated with charming old wooden columns and colored iron fences lead to beautiful traditional summer homes.

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