Matterhorn and Switzerland are related to each other. The giant mountain, which is difficult to climb, is said to be the most photographed mountain in the world. The Klein-Matterhorn ”(Little Matterhorn), which can be reached via a funicular, is located next to Matterhorn. The first ascent of Matterhorn Island in 1865, which cost the lives of four out of seven climbers, changed the area (which was isolated until then) forever. Matterhorn became world famous, and ambitious mountain climbers aspired to climb it.

the description

Matterhorn is one of the most famous and surprising peaks in Switzerland and the Alps. It has become an increasingly new climb in the past few years, but it must be firmly stated that the Matterhorn climb must be taken lightly. Even for experienced climbers they must hire a guide. Inexperienced climbers are advised not to try such a difficult mountain as Matterhorn for their first climb. Instead, they should try to have a great experience, but perhaps 4,000 meters beautiful in the Zermatt region.
Even today, the rise of Matterhorn is a major challenge and can only be achieved by expert climbers with excellent equipment and a dedicated guide. At the foot of the most popular road, Hörnli Hut stands at 3,260 meters, and is home to the Matterhorn Peace Camp (reopened in 2015 after a complete renovation) and the Matterhorn Mountain Inn.

To try to climb Mount Matterhorn, you must be in top physical condition, to have some rock climbing experience and to have some exercise with straps. You must keep fit throughout the year with weekly training. It is also necessary to spend at least one week to 10 days adapting to training in the Zermatt region (daily hiking at 1000 meters – 1500 meters at a height of 400 meters per hour, including stops). It is also advisable to organize many other climbing tours before starting to climb the Matterhorn Mountain.

Natural panorama

One can get a wonderful view of the world’s most photographed mountain from the Klein-Matterhorn (Matterhorn Paradise), which is only separated from Matterhorn by Theodole Pass and Glacier Pass. Visitors can take a cable car in Zermatt. The mountain station at 3,820 meters above sea level is the highest cable car station in the Alps.

the climate

Matterhorn is an isolated mountain, and because of its location on the main alpine catchment and its great height, Matterhorn is subject to rapid climate change. In addition, the sharp faces of the mountain and its isolated location make it vulnerable to the formation of clouds of banners, as the air flows around the mountain causing air condensation and blocking winds from the side of the mountain and in turn creates vortices.

The best time to visit Matterhorn

The best time to try to climb Matterhorn is mid-July to mid-September, depending on the amount of snow on the mountain. If possible, you should not choose the high season (1 to 15 August) to climb Matterhorn. You will meet your guide in the evening before going up in the Matterhorn cabin. The next morning at 4:00 AM / 5:00 AM, the difficult climb begins. It takes about 4 hours to reach the summit, and it takes the same time to get off. For safety reasons, the guide only takes one customer to go up.

Required Equipment

Belts, girdles, helmet (all of this technical equipment can be hired at your local sports store), backpack (30 liters), climbing shoes with good rubber soles, warm mountain clothing, hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen and headlamp, some energy-saving food For climbing, a bottle or drinking bottle (tea can be obtained in the cottage).

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