Cafés in Geneva, Geneva is located in the southwest of Switzerland, and is considered the second largest city in Switzerland, and there are numerous and varied cafes and cafes and are famous for the diversity of the colors of cold and hot drinks in addition to appetizers and snacks … So we dedicated this article to get to know the best cafes in Geneva:

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Cafés in Geneva

Boreal coffee shop

Boreal Café is famous for its wonderful coffee, you will not be disappointed when you visit it, you will get wonderful coffee and many excellent drinks, comfortable seats are available to sit on for your morning coffee, and a comfortable sofa to eat your meal with your drink at noon, it is also available with drinks that offer techniques Various snacks from sandwiches and cut cakes or cupcakes, Boreal coffee shop is located in Rue du Stand 60, Geneva, Switzerland.Boreal coffee shop - cafes in Geneva GenevaBoreal coffee shop – cafes in Geneva Geneva


Mokafe Café is one of the best cafes in Geneva, located in 9Rue de la Madeleine, Geneva, Switzerland, when you visit it you will enjoy the high-quality aromatic coffee that is produced in a straight roasting method, it is a beautiful place for a drink and a quick snack, famous for being a comfortable place, and This café offers an unforgettable coffee experience along with some delicious sandwiches.Mokafe - Cafés in Geneva Geneva
Mokafe – Cafés in Geneva Geneva

Viverra Coffee

Located in the heart of the pleasant Pãquis district of Geneva, Viverra Coffee offers authentic java service directly from Mountain Province, just north of the Philippines. The used coffee machine is an excellent hand-made espresso machine. The café is also a haven for culture lovers, as it hosts regular art galleries and contains a collection of free books to browse. The café is located at 22Rue du Môle, Geneva, SwitzerlandViverra coffee - cafes in GenevaViverra coffee – cafes in Geneva

Café du Remor

The bustling Café du Remor is located in the heart of downtown Geneva, and is famous for being one of the city’s first ice cream stores, opened in 1921, and since then it has evolved into a dynamic and dynamic organization. Serving a range of hot drinks such as tea and coffee, and even cocktails (as well as the famous ice cream) you will find the café when you visit Geneva on 3 Place du Cirque, Geneva.Café du Remor - Cafés in Geneva GenevaCafé du Remor – Cafés in Geneva Geneva

Bagel House Café

Bagel House Café offers delicious coffee, with the best breads in Geneva, a wide range of dining options, as well as a friendly atmosphere with its unconventional American decor and ambience, there is also a good selection of fresh fruit juice and milkshakes, located at 3 Rue du March, GenevaBagel House Café - Cafés in Geneva GenevaBagel House Café – Cafés in Geneva Geneva

Les Recyclables

The les recyclables cafe is considered one of the best cafes in Geneva, it is not only a cafe but a paradise for literature lovers since it is located in a beautiful bookstore library, and it includes a wonderful collection of about 11000 titles, which is a true paradise for literature and coffee lovers. Visitors can enjoy well-mixed tea or coffee in this intimate bohemian setting, as well as a good selection of full meals throughout the day, which you can find at 53Rue de Carouge, GenevaLes Recyclables - Cafés in Geneva GenevaLes Recyclables – Cafés in Geneva Geneva

The Cottage Café

Cottage Café is one of the best cafes in Geneva and is a cafe designed in the form of a beautiful traditional country house, making you feel in another time with its affectionate and comfortable décor and romantic views. This cafe is located in the beautiful Square des Alpes park, on the banks of Lake Geneva, and is a place Great for a simple well-stocked coffee or a long meal. The Cottage Café - Cafés in Geneva GenevaThe Cottage Café – Cafés in Geneva Geneva

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