1- Mount Albert:

Albert Mountain is one of the most famous mountains in the United States, the height of this mountain reaches 1440 feet, it is the highest mountain peaks in America, this generation overlooks many charming picturesque areas of the city, it is characterized by a wonderful and delightful view that relaxes the eye from watching it.
2- Mesa Green National Park:

3- Phil Colorado Township:

The town of Vail is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Denver, and the town of Vail contains a lot of activities practiced by tourists, as it is famous for skiing and hobby fishing, as well as it contains a distinctive economic product, and this country is frequently visited in the winter.

4- Mount Evans:

This mountain is one of the highest mountain roads in the United States of America, with a height of this mountain to 1400 feet, and this mountain overlooks the charming areas of the city with a breathtaking view.

5- The Black Valley in Colorado:

The Black Valley is one of the narrow passages in the state, so that the valley contains pieces of ancient rocks dating back to antiquity, characterized by its dark color, and the most important animals distinguished in that valley are the black bear and the coyotes in addition to the cougar.

6- The Southern Rocky Mountains:

The city of Denver contains a huge chain of magnificent Rocky Mountains. These mountains are characterized by the magnitude and beauty of their shape. The Rocky Mountains are located on the northern and southern borders of Colorado. These mountains reach nearly 1,400 feet.

7- Rocky Mountain National Park:

The Rocky Mountain National Park is considered one of the most beautiful and famous natural areas in the city, so that park is famous for its breathtaking lakes, in addition to the presence of its own places to practice hiking, because it has many paths for walking, and also includes many camps in it, as well as sport Skiing and horseback riding, and is characterized by that park because it contains the practice of fishing, so many tourists come to enjoy fishing, in addition to seeing the picturesque natural places in the garden.

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