Cacolim Beach

Also known as Tiger Beach, one of the most picturesque hidden places in Goa,

The beach is deserted and completely clean because it does not receive many visitors. You can get there by driving towards Cola Village or by boat.

Jalgibag Beach

It prides itself on being the cleanest beach in Goa, apart from being the nesting site and seasonal hatch of endangered Ridley turtles.
It is one of those few hidden beaches in Goa that feature crystal clear waters and sparkling silver sand.

Holent Beach

The winding bay lined with rustic boats, clean golden sand, and colorful huts on one side, glamorous views of the sunset
This beach makes it a favorite with all photographers and artists who discover it. It is also a great place to swim.

Betul Beach

Petul Beach, which houses more than a typical coastal fishing village, is 18 km from Margao
The beach includes a 17th-century castle, a small lake, and many nearby huts serving delicious seafood.

Kula Beach

It is one of the best hidden places in Goa for those looking for a quiet place away from the busy and noisy suburbs of the city.
Beautiful palm and coconut groves, fine beach huts, Rajasthani tents, tranquil surroundings and a beautiful lake.

Villasao Beach

Soft silver sand mixed with white seashells and occasional starfish, coconut groves circling the beach, lakes decorated with lilies,
The cool breeze blowing over the shallow warm waters is the reasons why this beach is one of the best romantic beaches in Goa.

Butterfly beach

Butterfly Beach is one of the most popular beaches in South Goa and is one of the most beautiful places, but it is not explored and is characterized by a group of dolphins
Lobster and a variety of butterflies. Blessed with soft white sand, clear water and pristine landscapes, the beach is an ideal retreat for those looking for peace and seclusion.

Mobur Beach

A calm and visually appealing residence, characterized by its pure white soft sand and pure water and sunset.
The beach has many shops selling colorful crafts, cottages with good food, and budget accommodation options.

Harvalem Falls

Herfalim is among the most beautiful waterfalls in Goa with milky white water scattered on the rocks.

Bambanoo Falls

The waterfall is a magical place for those looking for quiet and unexplored places in Goa to get away from the crowd of this city.

Catigua Reserve

It is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Goa, where you may not find many animals
But it provides its visitors with vivid scenery of plants and an ideal place for recreation and hiking.

Winter Butterfly Garden

Among the most exciting and least known places in Goa is the Butterfly Garden in Goa. The garden was created to preserve the original types of butterflies in Goa,
It currently includes more than 133 types of butterflies. On a normal day, one can see up to 25 species.

Lake Carambolim

It is a swamp lake and inland fresh water that supports vast areas of irrigated rice fields.

Pequeno (Pat) Island

It is located 30 minutes by boat from “Baina Beach” in “Vasco da Gama” and can be reached by boat or ferry. Due to the hidden nature,
Not easily overlooked by most tourists, it features a small rocky beach, stretches of green landscapes, and snorkelling facilities.

Sparkling Lake Ntravalli

If you want to experience something unusual in Goa, head to the sparkling Lake Ntravalli. This small muddy pond is still hidden from the armies of tourists flocking to Goa, an interesting phenomenon since the presence of natural gases such as methane at the bottom of the lake makes bubbles appear constantly on its surface which is very enjoyable. Unlike bubbles,
One can also dip his feet in clean water and delight himself with the free fish spa.

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