One of the most important and largest tourist lakes in Austria and in the entire Central European continent and it is the famous Mond See lake, which is located in the distinctive city of Mond See where it is a small and wonderful town full of vast green areas that exist in the Austrian Vukla Brook region and Which is located in Upper Austria, which is famous for its beautiful tourist beauty and the kindness of its people, as it reaches the number of people who live in this city to about more than three thousand people and the number is increasing and this city enjoys many tourist attractions, the most important of which is Lake Monde It is also worth noting that this city The city of Mondsee is close to the famous city of Salz Burg, where it is separated by about more than thirty kilometers or about twenty-five minutes. It also contains many cafes and restaurants that offer the famous local Austrian coffee, which can only be tasted On the land of Austria, as there is also a large market in which there are many needs for tourists and all the requirements of their daily lives as there are also some stores that sell souvenirs, and the wonderful Monde Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes as it is located nearby Also from the h alpine region With that he has a wonderful view beside the green areas around it, therefore it is necessary to talk about this picturesque lake in detail in the next lines to explain its importance and its wonderful and distinctive beauty ,,

Mond See

And as we have mentioned previously, this lake Monde Sea is considered one of the largest distinctive Austrian lakes that are located in the south-western side of the town of Mondsee, as it is a public property, but it is a private property, as the length of the lake reaches more than nine kilometers. In terms of length, it reaches more than seven kilometers, and this lake is called the Moon Lake, as it is one of the most beautiful scenic lakes, which can be visited by many different families and from all age groups, where they can enjoy its wonderful climate and overlapping colors. Distinguished as the color of the limestone mountains Sandy on the one hand and the color of the vast green areas on one side and the wonderful color of the azure lake on the other hand, which gives it a picturesque and wonderful appearance and is suitable for capturing the best and most beautiful memorial pictures that will never be forgotten about this imaginary place.

It is also worth noting that this wonderful lake Lake Monde has many fans who travel from the far reaches of the country to visit and enjoy its beauty and tranquility, as it is located in the town of Mondsee, which enjoys the beauty and the spiritual beauty of the wonderful and wonderful and that all tourists wish Different nationalities .

It was mentioned in the James Bond novel

It is also worth noting that this magnificent lake, Lake Monde, has been mentioned more than once in the James Bond novel, because it is one of the most distinctive examples that describe the beauty of the pure, glory be to Him in creating this wonderful place and the striking color palette that captures The hearts of everyone who visited it as its charm makes all tourists be affected by it, and it is also worth noting that this wonderful lake overlooks the Alps from the northern side of it and that many different recreational activities are held, the most important of which is surfing and boating and Canoeing, and the lake administration also organizes cruises To go in the depths of the lake and allow to get to know them closely and see the marine neighborhoods that inhabit them, and the rocks that exist near the lake are characterized by limestone and sand rocks that are part of the Alps and it is also worth noting that this lake is also near From the impressive Drachenwand mountain, which gives it a distinctive and attractive view.

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