The country of Mongolia is full of enchanting natural scenes and riches, as it is surrounded by plains, green meadows, valleys and deserts, as it is located in the heart of Central Asia, as it is bordered on the eastern, western and southern sides by the People’s Republic of China.

Bedouin and nomadic culture

Mongolia Mongolia is an ideal tourist destination for nature lovers
Mongolia is one of the ideal tourist destinations for nature lovers, as it attracts tourists who want to discover the beauty and charm of this quiet and quiet Asian country that giant buildings and complex industries have not overwhelmed. For this day, Mongolians are still adjusting their timing according to the sunrise and sunset hours that are not clear to the rest of contemporary life, where they enjoy all Accurate in these vast areas in which they practice what they learned from their parents and grandparents such as hunting and riding horses and wrestling.

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Landscapes and riches

Mongolia is full of stunning nature as it includes plains and plateaus and is formed from rivers, valleys and deserts
Mongolia includes magnificent scenery and abounds in a picturesque nature as it includes plains and plateaus and is formed from rivers, valleys and deserts, as it appears from afar as a palette of different colors and shapes. Among the most important natural and tourist areas in Mongolia is the Gorki Terrell National Park, where you can sleep in Mongolian tents and experience a Bedouin style and enjoy the tranquility and tranquility that surrounds the place.

Few tourists

Mongolia Mongolia is among the least dense countries in the world and therefore it is among the appropriate destinations to learn about the culture of its people
Mongolia is among the least dense countries in the world and therefore it is among the appropriate destinations to get to know the unique culture of its people, where you can start from the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar and visit the historical sights such as the Genghis Khan Equestrian statue located in the Genghis Khan complex and close to the holy Tuol River which has great importance Among the Mongolians because they appreciate the rivers and consider them a source of life.

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Ancient history

Mongolia Jankis Khan is one of the most powerful kings in history
Mongolia is the country of Jankees Khan, which is considered one of the strongest kings in history, where the Mongolians take pride in what it has achieved in previous centuries, and from time to time they organize concerts and theatrical performances celebrating this ancient history. Don’t miss one, because it’s a great experience that will introduce you to the history of this beautiful country.

Popular culture and hospitality

Mongolia is a country with a rich history and culture
You cannot pass in front of a Mongolian tent, but the owners offered you to drink milk and sit a little before resuming your travel, especially since Mongolia has vast areas, so you may have difficulty understanding the source of water or a place to eat.

Sports Festival

Mongolia Mongolian Games Festival
Mongolia is well-known for its “Mongolian Games” or “Three Men Games” festival. This sporting event is the largest of its kind in this country, taking place between 11 and 15 July in every year and running competitions such as wrestling, archery and horse riding.

Hunting with eagles

Hunting eagles
The art of hunting eagles is one of the well-known traditions in southern Mongolia where people try to preserve and celebrate these rituals through the Golden Eagle Festival that takes place in the Bayan Olgi region. This festival depends on the discovery and testing of the skills of hunters, where eagles are launched to the highest peak and await its full return. This festival has started to attract more tourists year after year.

Unique Mongolian cuisine

Mongolian table
In Mongolia, you will learn from this people who have been associated with land and nature how to live with the least things and be happy where for centuries the Mongolians lived in a harsh environment so they have no window on the sea and therefore they tried to meet their food needs by eating meat and drinking milk, andaTheir lifestyle was restricted to some specific materials, so they devised methods of storage and preservation in anticiAl Bahahn of winter and autumn days.

Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert Gobi Desert
The Gobi Desert is one of the largest deserts in Asia, stretching along the southern part of Mongolia and the northern part of China. It is also surrounded by the Atay Mountains, the Taklamakan Desert, and the Tibetan Plateau.

Overnight in the Mongolian tent

One of the most important experiences that you can live in Mongolia is to experience an overnight stay in the Mongolian tent
The experience of sleeping in the Mongolian tent is among the most important experiences that you can live in Mongolia, where most of the nomads live within it is easy to move and fit their lifestyle. The Mongolian tent, locally called “Al-Yar”, consists of several columns and straight-shaped clamps supported by a wheel in the middle called Balaton, and it has a crown shape, which is likely to have Buddhist religious connotations. After placing the pillars and crown, the Mongolians move to put the roof cover, which is thin and beautiful, then a second cover made of sheepskin leather and a third cover to prevent water leakage in the event of heavy rain.
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