Know the most famous places of tourism in Greece for the Saudis If you want to visit a distinctive tourist destination with your family or friends, Greece is one of the distinctive European countries for tourism as it includes a mixture of archaeological sites and unique natural monuments.
These are milestones that attract millions of tourists annually, as they number more than 20 million tourists, besides it includes many places suitable to spend a special honeymoon, so in Arab travelers we show you the most beautiful tourist attractions in Greece that are worth a visit and that enable you to spend a happy trip over there.

The best places of tourism in Greece for the Saudis

1. Delos Island

Delos Island

  • One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Greece, it is located 4 kilometers from the coast of Mykonos Town, and its area reaches about 3 square kilometers, and it includes many ancient monuments dating back to more than 3000 BC.
  • Inside the island there are a number of temples, such as the Temple of God Apollo, next to the balcony of the lions, which previously contained about 12 statues carved in the form of a lion, which are statues made of marble, but now the number of these statues is approximately five.
  • The island is an open museum for visitors that displays the ancient ruins of Greece, and because it has an important historical and touristic place, it has been classified by UNESCO as one of the most important world heritage sites.

2. National Park National Park

  • Among the tourist attractions that you must visit when you come to the city of Athens is the National Park, which is one of the most beautiful parks in Athens, with an area of ​​about 15.5 hectares, and it enjoys a privileged location as it is located behind the Greek Parliament Building.
  • Wandering inside the park you can see many ancient monuments and memorials of the most famous figures such as the statue of the first ruler of Greece, in addition to that the garden includes about 500 species of plants, and also contains some types of animals such as turtles, ducks and peacocks.
  • After completing a tour of the park, you can visit the Olympic Stadium, which is located next to it, which is the place where the first Olympic Games were held in 1896 AD.

3. The neighborhood of Plaka

Plaka neighborhood

  • Plaka neighborhood is one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Athens, it is located on the Acropolis, and it includes many shops through which you can buy souvenirs and antiques, in addition to that it features its classic buildings.
  • The neighborhood of Plaka also includes many restaurants that enable you to taste the best Greek cuisine, as well as museums that display many unique artifacts, notably the Folklore Museum, the Jewish Museum and the Fresiras Museum.
  • One of the most famous archaeological sites in the neighborhood is the Al-Fateh Mosque, which dates back to 1458 AD. It also includes many markets if you wish to shop.

4. Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square

  • One of the most famous tourist attractions in Greece, which is witnessing a great tourist turnout, in addition to being visited by thousands of local residents, and it includes important landmarks such as the Greek Parliament Building, along with many fountains and streams that spread throughout the square.
  • When you visit the square, you will find many wonderful memorials such as the statue of the unknown soldier, as well as the pigeon that you can feed and spread throughout the square.
  • What will surprise you most when you visit the square, specifically in front of the Greek parliament, is a military parade to replace the guard, which takes place every hour, and these presentations are from ancient shows dating back to 1821 AD.
  • You cannot go to Syntagma Square without taking commemorative photos that document the most beautiful moments, and you can also enjoy the beauty of the square by sitting in the seats designated for it.

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