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Information about the city of Manchester

Manchester is one of the most famous British cities, located in the northwest of England, to the north of London, to the northeast of Liverpool, and to the southwest of Leeds, and the city of Manchester is an important British city, as it is considered the cradle of development, and the industrial renaissance On the old continent, on the other hand, the city of Manchester is famous for being an important tourist city in Britain, given the size of the tourism components that are available in it, and there are many important tourist attractions that are a major factor of tourist attractions in them, and below are some of the most prominent This is Milestones.

Manchester attractions

John Rylands Library

Built in the Gothic Victorian style, it was opened in the year 1900 AD to receive the general public. John’s library includes many valuable manuscripts dating back to ancient times, as well as the presence of many examples of the first books that were printed on the European continent, and many other holdings, and it was This library visited many world famous personalities, which made it more famous.

Oldham Street

This street is located in the city center, and it is considered a major part of the city’s history, as it includes many important buildings dating back to before the Second World War, as well as many distinctive shops.

Town Hall

This building was designed by the architect Water House, where it was completed in the year 1877 AD, and it is a building that includes many of the major government departments and agencies in the city, while outside it, it is located an hour that reaches nearly ninety meters.

Manchester Museum

This museum contains many distinguished collections and exhibits, which were obtained and collected from different continents of the world, as the number of these holdings reaches nearly six million pieces, and the museum is also an important scientific research center, and is owned by the famous University of Manchester.

Football Museum

Due to the great reputation that Manchester City enjoyed in the world of football at the global level, this city included a museum of football sport, which was established to preserve the important holdings related to this sport, and this museum attracts thousands of visitors annually from the fans of this sport.

Trafford Center

This mall is one of the beautiful and distinctive entertainment complexes, as it is one of the largest shopping centers in the United Kingdom, as it is located about 5 miles to the west of the city. Hence, it is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.

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