The most famous places in Sharm El Sheikh must be visited. This city is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt. It is located on the Red Sea coast at the Gulf of Aqaba and Suez, and its population reaches about 35 thousand people.
You cannot travel to Egypt without visiting Sharm El Sheikh, especially if you seek to experience a unique experience and spend a wonderful and unforgettable time. What distinguishes that city is that it contains many charming natural monuments that attract thousands of tourists annually.
Arab travelers offer you the best tourist destinations that you can visit in Sharm El Sheikh to save you from the hassle of searching.

The most famous places in Sharm El Sheikh for tourism and entertainment

1. Mount St. Catherine

  • Traveling to Sharm El Sheikh means that you must visit the charming Mount Catherine, which is one of the most popular tourist places there and most attractive to tourists.
  • What distinguishes St. Catherine is that it is about 8,500 feet high and is considered the highest mountain peak in Egypt, so if you are a fan of adventures and a fan of mountain climbing you will definitely love this place.
  • The place includes many wells such as Bir Musa and Haroun, and they are among the most prominent religious wells alongside many of the tombs of the prophets, along with Jabal Musa and Safsafa.
  • The St. Catherine Mountain area also contains many different wildlife landmarks, while wandering you will find many mountain plants and exquisite olive trees.

2. Naama Bay

  • Going to the beaches in Sharm El Sheikh means that you must come to Naama Bay, which is one of the most famous beaches in that city.
  • The beaches of Naama Bay are characterized by the purity of its water and purity, along with the charming white sand.
  • One of the most popular beaches in Naama Bay is the mangrove beach, and you will also enjoy underwater diving, which is another world of picturesque marine life due to the existence of “water parks”.
  • What distinguishes Naama Bay is its charm at night, as you can visit many restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea.
  • You can sit on the beach at night to enjoy the beauty of the scenery at night, as you can from there souvenirs from many stores as well as shopping from the center of Naama.

3. Safari Sharm El-Sheikh

  • For more enjoyment of the beauty of Bedouin life, you can go to safari trips that reach approximately 4 hours, and you can also go to it via four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • After touring the safari, you can rest in one of the Bedouin tents located there, and you can have a special Bedouin tea.
  • There are many Bedouin tents there organized by the famous recreational Bedouin paradise for tourists, which will enable you to spend a special time.

4. King Tut Museum

  • If you are a fan of history, especially the Pharaonic history of Egypt and are keen to visit museums, then you only have to go to the King Tut Museum, which is one of the most prominent museums in Sharm El Sheikh.
  • The museum houses many ancient artifacts dating back thousands of years, related to Pharaonic history.
  • The museum also contains many traditional copies of the treasures of King Tutankhamun, one of the most famous kings of Egypt in the Pharaonic era.

5. Aqua Blue Water Park

  • If you are looking for fun leisure activities, you should visit the Aqua Blu Water Park, which you can go with your family.
  • The place includes many water games that will enable you to spend an enjoyable time inevitably, as it includes many waterfalls, as well as swimming pools dedicated to children under 12 years of age.

6. Ras Mohamed Reserve

  • The magic of nature in Sharm El Sheikh does not stop there, as there is Ras Mohamed Reserve which is one of the best places for diving.
  • When diving into the shores of this reserve, you will find a magical marine world underwater that includes about a thousand species of exotic colorful fish along with 150 species of sea turtles and crustaceans.

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