Romen ruins in Tipasa

المسافرون العرب

Romen ruins of Tipasa

The city of Tipasa contains many Romen ruins, and it is one of the best Romen sites in the north of the African continent, and its effects include the following:

  • The amphitheater, which witnessed many naval battles in the fourth and fifth centuries, is one of the main entertainment centers in the old town, but there are not many ocean structures remaining, but the oval walls are still in the amphitheater square.
  • The remains of markets that were selling fish.
  • Tipasa Theater, an entertainment venue.
  • The Christian area, which was developed by Christians, contains a religious complex (basilica), which was completed in the fourth century, and it is mentioned that it was the largest Christian building in North Africa, and there are tombs and baths in the place.
  • Tipaza Beach: A certain area was allocated to large villas and spa complexes, some of which contain mosaics. In the middle of the buildings was Villa Fresco, a large and amazing house, covering an area of ​​1,000 square meters, where it was built in the second century AD during the prosperity of Tipaza.
  • The Romen Wall, which the Romens built to protect the village against attacks, has a length of approximately 2,300 meters. Romen public buildings and houses have been built inside the wall.

Tipaza Village

Tipaza is located in the north of Algeria, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and is 65 km away from the western side of the Algerian capital, and the village is characterized by its port and its protected beaches. Tipaza was subjected to indirect Romen rule in the early first century BC, when Mauritania was exposed, Especially the North African region where Tipasa was located to rule them, where Romen Emperor Claudius granted the rights of Latin Tipaza by annexing Mauritania in 43 AD, after which Tipaza became a complete Romen colony, and Tipaza enjoyed great commercial and military significance during the period of Romen rule, and that Because of its port and its location which mediates the Romen coastal roads in the north of the African continent.

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Tipaza features

Tipasa is considered to be one of the most famous Romen ruins in Algeria. It was built on three small hills, overlooking the ocean, and enjoyed great importance as it was a small commercial station. They contain the original monuments, and they were included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1982.

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