Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, with a population of 42.5 million people, and the 32nd most populous country, the largest city with its capital in Kiev, the official language of surrealism, and the predominant Eastern Orthodox religion and Greek Kasloki, an area of ​​603,628 km, which is an area It makes it the largest country in Europe.

The official currency of Ukraine

Its official currency is Ukrainian hryvnia, one hryvna is made up of 100 kopecks, and its release date back to 1996.

Demographics of Ukraine

The original Ukrainian population is about 71.8% of the total population, and there are 17% of the Russians, Bulgarian 3%, Hungarians 3% Romenians 3%, Blondons 3%, Armenians 3%, and Jews 3% The population has reached 42,418,235.
The official language has the Ukrainian language, there are 81.9% Christians, Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox, and there are 1.1% of Muslims, Jews and Hindus 2%.

Means of transportation in the state of Ukraine

There are railways that connect all major roads, utilities, ports, industrial cities and neighboring cities, and there are also rail lines for freight transport, Boryspil is the largest airport in Ukraine, and there is also Kharkov and Lviv airport, and there is also the port of Odessa for international shipping.

The economy and its most important resources in Ukraine

Its economy is the second largest economy in the Soviet Union, forming our planned economy for the country, when the dissolution of the Soviet Union moved from the planned economy to the market economy.
It was hit by an economic crisis in 2008, and the International Monetary Fund agreed to grant it a reserve loan of 16.5 billion, until the strong economy increased per capita GDP by 2010.
There are many natural resources that help in shaping the economy and they are the important natural resources in Ukraine that include iron ore, coal, manganese, natural gas, oil, salt, sulfur, graphite, titanium, magnesium, kaolin, nickel, mercury and wood.

Industries in the state of Ukraine

Ukraine produces almost all types of transport vehicles and spacecraft, and exports them to the European Union, launched six satellites.
It owns a large base of heavy industries and is one of the largest countries in mineral products in Eastern Europe, and also produces high-tech technological products such as aircraft.

Types of agricultural crops in Ukraine

There is an abundance of agricultural land that amounts to 80% of the total land area, and agriculture occupies a large place in the economy and local production in it due to the large cultivated area.
There are also many natural pastures for raising livestock, sheep, birds and pigs to produce various meats. It is also distinguished for growing potatoes, vegetables, beets, sunflowers and yellow corn.

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