A guide to the best water parks in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates is famous for its great desert, and for its views of the magnificent Arabian Gulf, and is also distinguished by the presence of the Emirate of Dubai in it; it is considered one of the best centers of attractions, parks, and entertainment in the Middle East, and given the hot temperature the city is famous for You are looking for some wonderful water parks to help you relax, and if you are looking for the best ways to entertain while you are in Dubai, the Arab travelers in this article highlight a group of the best water parks in Dubai to help you enjoy your visit to this city Ah.

The best water parks in Dubai

Walid Wadi Water Park Games

The Wild Wadi Waterpark is ranked 11th on the list of the best 388 tourist activities in Dubai, because this water park is not the only one of its kind in Dubai, but it is also located in one of the most popular destinations in the city, where it is located in Burj Al Arab.
The Jumeirah Cecera includes the longest and fastest water slides in the Middle East, and Wild Wadi is one of the places to visit in Dubai, because there are many games available for different age groups, this wonderful water park in Dubai is not to be missed.

Aqua Venture Water City Games

The Aquaventure Water Park spans over 42 acres, and boasts many exciting recreational ingredients, including zip lines, shark-filled lakes, and many more.
The city of Aquaventure features Aquaconda, the longest water slide in the world, and is characterized by the tidal waves in the Torrent River, as well as the opportunity to enjoy some delicious food in one of its recreational services.

Legoland Aquapark

Complementing the fun of the enchanting city “Dubai”, which provides the maximum limits for the enjoyment of tourists from all over the world, and for its citizens, LEGOLAND Water Park is part of the largest LEGOLAND Theme Park, which includes elements of the LEGO Movie and LEGO game, which is an ideal park for families with young children For fun creating LEGO hull structures, this water park also allows you to build your own LEGO collection and use it for wandering the river.

Yas Water Park for Games

Yas Waterworld opened in 2013 and quickly rose to the ranks of the world’s best water parks. Yas Waterworld also features the world’s first magnetic water slide, and is among the other features of water games that it represents a significant departure from the heat of Dubai, where it provides Visitors have the best water experience in the world.
Yas Waterworld is very suitable for families and locals in the United Arab Emirates. Yas Waterworld attracts huge crowds throughout the year, which proves its quality.

Lagoana Waterpark

Laguna Water Park is the newest water park established in the Emirate of Dubai, and it is one of the few water cities located on the beach.
The water park is divided into four areas: Surf Zone, Splash Zone, Slides Zone and Relax Zone.
Some of Laguna Waterpark’s most popular games also include WaveOz, which simulates surfing by 180 degrees, Free Fall, Constrictor and Loop.

Aqua Fun Dubai Water Park Games

The city of Aqua Fun Dubai is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in the charming city “Dubai”; it is the largest water games city that can be inflatable, as it stretches over a large area in front of the Jumeirah Beach Residence, and includes nearly 74 games that suit all age groups , It also offers a number of sports, such as diving, swimming, canoeing and diving.

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