Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan and the ancient capital and today it is one of the most important commercial, economic and financial cities of Kazakhstan and is distinguished by its location between Europe and Asia while it is rich in its literary and cultural heritage. Carrying their goods between different countries and continents.

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, and the city of Almaty is known as the “Golden Triangle”, because it embraces three wonderful natural tourist destinations, namely, the Kolesai Lakes, Sharen Valley and the Altan Email National Park. The city is located in the southeast of Kazakhstan near the Tian Shan mountain range, and it carries a lot of surprises, from the scenic landscapes to luxurious shopping experiences, which makes it a destination that provides many options that satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Today, “Discover Almaty” offers you the most prominent activities and places in the most active cities in Central Asia.


Almaty includes a wide variety of shopping centers, the most prominent of which is the luxury ‘Ascentay Mall’. It is designed to provide a distinctive atmosphere and a world-class environment for shopping and entertainment, making it an unforgettable destination when traveling to Almaty. The luxury shopping mall contains more than 100 prestigious international restaurants and brands, along with a cinema and ideal dining destinations for gourmets, a fitness center, spa, and other leisure facilities. It also offers its customers the possibility to obtain a personal shopping assistant to upgrade their experience and provide important advice on the latest trends in the fashion world.

Moreover, cultural shopping experiences can be enjoyed on Pedestrian Street in the heart of Almaty, where travelers have an opportunity to enjoy shopping and visit cafes and art galleries, as craftsmen gather on weekends along the way to showcase and sell their handcraft and pieces Artistic. Visitors can also enjoy the authenticity of the city when visiting the green market “Green Bazaar”, which is considered one of the oldest markets in the world, and its eastern character is an ideal place to take advantage of the best offers.


Almaty is filled with all forms of street art, and the city is a public station that allows artists to express their opinions freely. Amidst this general scene, art lovers showcasing their creativity in front of the city’s residents and visitors to enjoy it and delve into its meanings.

Golfing in Almaty takes its fans on a nature trip with breathtaking mountain views while visiting the Shilago Golf Resort, designed by the famous Arnold Daniel Palmer company and opened on June 9, 2016.


Almaty offers a wide range of adventures, and experiences that vary between activities in Sharen Valley on the outskirts of the city, which is among the most charming and famous tourist destinations in the region. This natural marvel extends to a distance of 154 km, with a depth of 300 meters. On the path of this privileged journey, Lake Kendy stands out among the many extraordinary lakes that Kazakhstan hosts. Pine trees surround this natural dam in the mountains of Tian Shao, which is formed as a result of landslides, ensuring for travelers a wonderful experience in the arms of mountains and nature and with the blue waters that form a wonderful background to take the most beautiful pictures and share on social media.

A visit to Mount Cook Topi, the highest point in Almaty, is an unparalleled experience for adventure and exploration enthusiasts, and can be reached by cable car at an altitude of 1100 meters. The area has panoramic views of the city, and she likes to take pictures that capture the best memories. Travelers also have the opportunity to visit many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops at the top of the mountain.


It is noteworthy that Almaty is a Kazakh word meaning “Abu al-Tuffah”, and despite the widespread cultivation of apples throughout the world, biologists have traced the genes of this fruit to discover its origin in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Therefore, the splendor of visiting Almaty is not complete without going through the city of Apples, the last forest of wild apple trees. The city of Apples, located at an altitude of 400-900 meters, is one of the wonderful orchards full of surprises, where travelers can taste some of the finest types of apples such as apple flavored with honey, berries and licorice.


While visiting the snowy mountain peaks of Almaty is one of the most magical excursions ever, especially the Chimpolac Ski Resort, which is the largest and most modern ski resort in Central Asia. The resort has a range of ski lifts, the highest of which reaches a height of 3,200 meters. The various slopes also offer skiers the opportunity to have a fun experience at all levels of skill. The ski season, which is associated with snowfall, starts from late November to the end of March every year.


The Kazakh State Circus is the ideal destination to spend a family-friendly time. It is the first landmark of Kazakhstan that is famous for its cultural and historical importance, as it displays the talents of the most prominent clowns, knights, acrobats and performers within its unique and fascinating activities.

Almaty is an unmissable destination for all travel enthusiasts, as it will undoubtedly fulfill the aspirations of adventure and thrill lovers.

Almaty: history, culture and amazing experiences in Kazakhstan's largest city

Almaty: history, culture and amazing experiences in Kazakhstan’s largest city

Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan and it was the old capital
Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan and it was the old capital

Chimpolac Ski Resort, which is the largest ski resort in Central Asia
Chimpolac Ski Resort, which is the largest ski resort in Central Asia

Almaty offers a wide range of adventures
Almaty offers a wide range of adventures

Almaty is a Kazakh word meaning
Almaty is a Kazakh word meaning “Abu al-Tuffah”.

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