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Family trips

Many people are confused when it comes to searching for a suitable place to spend a vacation with the family. Although there are many recreational and tourism sites available in the world, they are not all suitable for families, and when it comes to the presence of children, the choice becomes more difficult because they need facilities General and fun games so they do not get bored and annoyed.

During their trips, people want to record unique memories of this trip, and take beautiful pictures that are free of frowning and unpleasant scenery, so it is imperative to choose the appropriate place that helps all the family members.

Best country for family tourism

France is one of the most suitable countries for a group family trip. It caters to everyone’s desires. Early in the morning when you wake up from sleep, you should take a walk in the meadows spread around the famous Eiffel Tower, get relaxation and positive morning energy, then move to visit the Eiffel Tower which is It is an iron tower with a height of 324 meters. It is located on the Seine River. You can climb up to the tower and enjoy the wonderful views that overlook it. The family can eat in one of the existing restaurants.

Anyone wishing to know the political events and the turmoil that accompanied the French revolution must visit the Concorde Square, where discussions often take place on these matters. Also, in Paris there is the Griffin Museum, which is a distinctive and unconventional landmark. It contains wax statues of many international artistic and cultural figures. Political and social, and this leaves distinct memories for children and adults.

Children can enjoy under the revolving umbrellas in the Luxembourg Park in the capital Paris, and public parks in general in France offer many exciting offers for children such as puppy shows and enable them to ride ponies to enjoy the wonderful garden atmosphere. At the end of the day, the whole family must visit the Montmartre summit, which is a raised plateau embracing the Basilica building of the Sacre Coeur Church, where an unforgettable view of the sunset can be seen, leaving a comfortable trace on the soul and distinctive memories, and also the exploitation of beauty The illuminated city at night by taking a tour of the Seine and enjoying the ornate arches.


There is also the city of Anaheim in California, which hosts the famous Disneyland, which all children want to visit because of the presence of beloved cartoon characters, and you can visit the parks that spread throughout California, and there is also the city of Barcelona for fans of sports and ancient heritage and sports such as kayaking.

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