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Definition of effects

The term antiquities refers to everything that goes back to the ages and eras that passed on a specific region of the earth, and from here the effects spread in different parts of the globe, but they differ in their quantities from one region to another according to the varying size and number of civilizations that followed on different regions of the earth. The country in which large quantities of archaeological sites are available is considered a civilized country with a long history, which indicates that this country has always been the focus of attention of the ancient nations, given the treasures and priceless natural resources it contains, or because of its strategic location in a sensitive spot of the land, Or perhaps because of its proximity to other areas that are more important, so that this region serves as the gateway to these areas or a geographical extension of them, and all of this should give references to the residents of this spot in the modern era so that they can benefit from their presence in this place without others, and to exploit all Its ingredients in order to rise Give their lives, and to fulfill their mission to the fullest.

The importance of effects

To study archeology, many important benefits include:

  • It helps researchers and specialists to understand the past, and to know the way of life of the ancient nations, and how man has evolved throughout history, as well as specialized effects on the development of human beliefs in relation to existential matters, religious, and human feelings of all kinds, etc. Time and place.
  • It comes to attest to the news contained in the religious texts, and thus increase the faith and trust in God Almighty, and archeological discoveries are still being performed on the day of this mission with great competence.
  • It helps to understand the atmosphere and historical backgrounds in which the religious text descended, which helps a person today to better understand the purpose and orders of God Almighty.
  • The antiquities work to raise the status of the country in which it is located in terms of tourism and thus economically. Many countries today depend on their archaeological features in order to establish themselves on the tourist map in the world.


Archeology is interested in studying the monuments and archaeological remains left by ancient civilizations and distant nations in a specific region of the world, and today it plays a large and important role at all levels and levels, and its great importance derives from the importance of its subject which it examines and which has been explained previously. Archeology has the ability to study archaeological features dating back to the earliest periods of man using specific techniques, and it is also able to study the lives of the first human peoples. Hence, archeology has the ability to contribute to developing a visualization of the form of evolution that has occurred throughout human history in all its details and features .



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