The most famous guide Places in London For tourism and leisure it is recommended to visit , London is a charming English city that has dazzled the whole world with its magic, so many people from all countries of the world want to visit in order to enjoy the tourist places in it, and there is a large amount of places in London that you can enjoy, so we decided through this article Write a quick gesture about the most magical attractions in London.

The most famous places in London for tourism and leisure:

There are many places that you can visit in London, but the most important historical places that you should not miss are the following:

1- Big Ben Watch:

This watch is one of the most famous historical places that you should not miss, and it dates back more than a century and a half, as it was established in 1858 AD, and the Big Ben watch is located next to West Palace.

2- British Museum:

This museum is the largest historical museum in the United Kingdom, and is one of the oldest historical places in the whole world. The British Museum was established in 1753 AD, and it is one of the most attractive places for tourism in the United Kingdom, as the number of tourists who visit annually is about eight million Tourist.

3- Buckingham Palace:

It is one of the most important tourist centers that you can visit in London, which is the headquarters of the fried family and millions of tourists visit it annually, and you can see the Victory Monument, which has been called wedding cakes and is one of the very distinctive features that you can see from the palace.

4- London Tower:

It is one of the most famous historical and touristic places in London, as it is a model of the ancient civilization that prevailed in London throughout history, and you can visit the White Tower, which is the oldest place in the Castle of London, then after that you can visit the second section of the tower, the pavilion The outside that surrounds the tower from all sides and through which you can enjoy watching a large number of famous tourist places in London.

5- Hyde Park:

This park is one of the largest parks in London, and this park is located in the heart of London, and this park includes the memorial of Princess Diana, which is a long, italic and oval corridor, it was created to commemorate her, and you can then enjoy cycling In order to walk around and discover the park, as the park contains many sports and recreational games, but if you like flowers and roses, you can visit the northeastern section where you will find a large group of roses and flowers.

6- London Zoo:

If you are an animal lover and a fan of exciting excursions, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the London Zoo, as you will see a legendary animal show that you will only see in the London Zoo.
The park includes about 600 species of animals and different birds and includes black eagles, otters, the king’s eagle and other rare animals, but if you like to watch reptiles, you can visit the reptiles section, which includes more than 80 types of reptiles.

7 – Oxford Street:

But if you are a fan of wandering in order to discover this charming city, do not miss the opportunity of a free tour on Oxford Street, which is one of the most important streets of the city of London, and contains more than 300 shops inside it, if you are a fan of shopping and carrying souvenirs for you and your friends, you should visit a street Oxford.
But you need to pay attention, as this street is full of citizens, where about half a million citizens visit every day, as you can get all the gifts you want that keep up with the modern fashion in this street, and one of the best times you visit Oxford Street is Christmas time.

8- Bond Street:

It is one of the most famous streets where you can get gifts from the best international brands that you will only find there, as it is a destination for all tourists to buy the latest international fashion, and if you are a fan of rare and distinctive jewelry and crushers do not miss the opportunity to visit Bond Street.

Important tips when visiting London:

1 – Do not use the subway: If you use the subway, you will lose the opportunity to enjoy many attractions and magical landmarks, and you can walk on your feet and wander the streets of the charming city, or you can use vehicles that pass through the city center.
2-Avoid staying in remote hotels, as you will lose yourself the opportunity to enjoy visiting places and enjoy watching many tourist visits, as you will waste your time in transportation back and forth, and the prices of transfers in London are high.
3-You must book all the tickets for the attractions via the Internet, so that you can enjoy your time completely without wasting your time in booking tickets directly and waiting in lines, as you can get all tickets online as it is a service you cannot miss.

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