Learn about the experiences of the best places to take a Moroccan bath in the city of Dubai, which is one of the largest centers for Moroccan massage around the world as it has an excellent service in a very elegant way, and you will find the best specialists and professionals in the work of the Moroccan bath and massage sessions coming from Morocco and you will find many diverse offers Among them in terms of services and prices, allowing you to choose freely according to what you want on the Arab Travelers website.

Best Moroccan bath in Dubai:

One & Only Royal Mirage Resort:

If you are looking for the best Moroccan bath in Dubai, you will find it in this resort equipped with all the needs of the Moroccan bath of many requirements, which gives you a unique experience, and you will feel a lot of comfort and harmony with the best Turkish, Moroccan and Tunisian specialists, as there is a program in the product A complete body, skin and exfoliation treatment to get beautiful skin, full of vigor and ensure you remove dead cells. The resort also has special sessions for the fragrant mud therapy with eucalyptus, as well as masks to treat the face and hair problems prepared from pure honey cream.

One & Only Resort Program:

  • Moroccan massage: lasts for a period of fifty minutes until an hour and a half and it includes all parts of the body from the face to all the muscles, which will make you feel a lot of vitality and activity.
  • Traditional massage: The person sleeps on warm boards for 50 minutes while the specialist is doing his work. It includes massaging the entire body from head to feet.
  • Oriental massage: lasts for a period of 25 minutes and it resembles the Moroccan bath, but the specialist focuses his work on the back area more, and is suitable for those who have back pain due to anxiety or pressure and tension in general.
  • Royal Moroccan bath: lasts for a period of 70 minutes, in which the dead cells are completely removed by using the famous Moroccan black soap, the therapist rubs the person’s body completely with Moroccan soap and then puts a lotion prepared from natural materials, and adds a mask to treat facial problems, and in Ultimately, it massages a person’s body on warm planks to bring in more calm and relaxation.
  • The ritual: lasts for a period of 50 minutes, when Moroccan clay is applied to the whole body and many bright scents are added and natural honey is placed on the face which is the best treatment for pimples, and then the therapist massages the man’s body in a specialized room in the massage with the application of oils that increase The body can benefit from massage sessions.

Moroccan bath dates:

  • For women: It is from 8 am to 2 am in the afternoon.
  • For men: It is from eight in the evening until ten in the evening, while the last session is at 9:30 in the evening.
  • How to book:

    • You can book via their e-mail: [email protected]
    • You can call by phone: 043152130
    • As for the title, the resort is on Jumeirah Beach Road.

    Saray Spa Dubai Marriott:

    If you want a luxurious experience like royalty and enjoy the best Moroccan bath ever, as it should be, then you have nothing but Saray Spa Marriott Dubai, it offers a lot of very useful programs for the skin, in which they use the best natural materials, which gives you a lot of activity, beauty and softness.

    Saray Spa Dubai Marriott Program:

    • Bath Serail: Provides wonderful Moroccan bath sessions, and it starts with cleaning the skin by making a full body massage in a light way by using soap made from bay leaf in addition to essential oils, which contributes to relaxing the muscles, and then the treating specialist takes you to a warm bath, the therapist begins to Massaging the entire body through the bath bag, which is useful in cleansing the body and rejuvenating the skin, and in the end the Moroccan bath ends by applying sandal oil and doing a comprehensive massage session. The session lasts 76 minutes and costs 400 dirhams.
    • Body massage to restore activity: It is a program specifically designed for men that aims to remove stress and psychological pressure, and men of vitality and activity to the body so that he can start his day with a lot of vigor and vitality. The sessions aim to remove toxins from the body and nourish them comprehensively by using oils that are beneficial to the body, such as olive oil. The session lasts an hour at a cost of 430 dirhams.

    Saray Marriott dates:

    Every day from 10 in the morning, until 9 in the evening.

    For reservations and inquiries:

    • You can call through the phone: 9714319430
    • You can email them at:

    [email protected]

    • As for the address, the Saray Spa Marriott is located in the Dubai Marriott Harrier Hotel and Suite, which is located on Al Sufouh Road in the Dubai Marina area.

    Best Moroccan massage in Dubai for men:

    Spa and Tips Spa:

    You will feel that the spa design and the capabilities available there are similar to those found in many high-end hotels in Dubai, but what you do not know is that it is better than all of them in the work of the Moroccan massage and provide the best Moroccan treatments, through a comprehensive program related to the use of the best nature in the massage, in addition to providing appropriate prices For all people it is much cheaper than luxury hotels.

    Spa and Tour Program:

    • Moroccan bath: It is a comprehensive program for everything related to the traditions of Moroccan bath, where the specialist uses Moroccan black soap to cleanse the body, open pores and clean the skin, and then make a special session of the wonderful Moroccan massage within 60 minutes at a price of 200 dirhams.
    • One Thousand and One Nights: It allows you to treat in a luxurious royal way by using the best types of fragrances, natural substances in body massage and removing dead cells, usually it lasts for 90 minutes and costs 350 dirhams.
    • City treasure rituals: One of the most popular treatment programs at the spa. Green tea is used during Moroccan massage sessions because of the many benefits known to the human body that will make you feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed. The session costs 420 dirhams.
    • The Emperor’s Great Ritual: You will feel as if in your own empire, the best natural materials will be used to treat and cleanse the skin, and your skin will become smooth like silk after a bath, thanks to the use of the healer for natural honey and dear nectar. The session duration is 80 minutes and costs 450 dirhams.
    • Moroccan bath with clay minerals: gives impressive results in terms of the beauty and smoothness of the skin, where you will feel that it has become like silk, and that you have completely got rid of the problem of dry skin, which lasts for 75 minutes at a price of 350 dirhams, and in the case of using the Moroccan fiber, 50 dirhams are added to the total cost.

    Spa dates:

    • Every day from 9 in the morning, until 10 pm.
    • For spa reservation and session inquiries:
    • By phone: 043412020
    • Fax: 043411616
    • As for the address, it is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, specifically in Bunchel Building 209.
    • You can book and learn more about Moroccan bath and massage sessions via the website:


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