In the next article, we show you the most important entertainment activities in the world of adventure IMG in Dubai, then this place is an entertainment destination for many families in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and what distinguishes it is its wide area, where it was built on an area of ​​a million and a half square feet, near Global Village site, a world full of recreational activities that suit all age groups, there are games for young people in addition to activities suitable for teenagers, and other entertainment means for adults such as entering into adventures and challenges and watching movies, as there are a lot of service facilities that work on the convenience of Loire, in addition to the design of the entrance to the owners of motivation, and provide free Wi-Fi access for visitors, and in the following lines by Arab travelers we show you in addition to the price of entry tickets and rice leisure times work place, in it.

IMG Adventure World

IMG Dubai opening times

  • The doors of IMG’s Adventure World are open from eleven in the morning until eight in the evening on Sundays to Wednesday.
  • As for the days from Thursday to Saturday, the place is open from eleven in the morning until ten in the evening.

IMG World Entry Prices

The price of remembering is determined by age and length, and entry ticket prices are:

  • The entrance ticket for children under 120 cm is AED 248.
  • Children under 100 cm enter for free.
  • The price for entry tickets for elderly people over the age of 60 is AED 168.
  • Adult entry ticket price is 268 AED.
  • People of determination may enter the place and pay a ticket of AED 168.
  • To subscribe to the annual membership, AED 520 per person is paid.
  • It is worth noting that these prices include 5% of the tax value.

Restaurants and cafes at IMG

The place contains a large group of cafes and restaurants that offer the best dishes known locally and globally, such as dishes of Asian cuisine, and the provision of italyn food such as pasta and pizza meals, in addition to fast food restaurants that offer major dishes for adults, and other dishes for young people, and among the most famous restaurants in IMG World is Chang’s Golden Dragon, Avengers, and Cartoon Nitrock Fest which offers performances to visitors while dining.
IMG Adventure World

Shopping at IMG

For those who love shopping and buying gifts, there are many stores in the world of IMG that enable visitors to buy souvenirs, or buy toys for children.
Shopping at IMG

IMG games

There are a lot of games in the place that suit different age groups, and we will show you some of them in the following paragraphs.

The haunted hotel game

In this game, visitors enter into an experience filled with excitement and excitement, in addition to feeling the challenge of fear and horror, by entering into a maze-like hotel, and facing various challenges to get out of this hotel as soon as possible.

  • Age allowed to enter: Visitors over the age of 15 are allowed.

The haunted hotel game

Avengers Flight of the Queensets

In this game, visitors board a two-seat plane, then fight and battle with other planes, and race with them to win.

  • Length allowed to enter: Visitors are allowed from the beginning of the length of 130 cm.
  • Accompanying visitors with a length of less than 100 cm is required.

Avengers Flight of the Queensets

Spider-Man Dock Oak Revenge Game

In the game of Spider-Man, visitors enter into an adventure and challenges, where they try to help Spider-Man win over his enemies, and protect the city from Doc Oak’s attempts to steal it.

  • Length allowed to enter: Visitors are allowed over a length of 120 cm.
  • Facilities for visitors are required under 100 cm.

Avengers Flight of the Queensets

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