British Airways: A detailed report on British Airways

المسافرون العرب

British Airways or british airways is the British national airline established with others for one world alliance (One World) for international aviation networks and one of the largest global airlines, it is the first in the United Kingdom and the Atlantic region and the third European.
Its origins date back to the end of March 1975 after the merger of British European Airlines and British Airways Overseas, and its headquarters are located in the Waterside building in the capital London, and from Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London, its main operations center.
British Airways has a fleet of 422 aircraft, of which 36 are on-demand and the most popular models are A320-200, A321-200, A380-800, B747-400, B777-200ER, B777-300ER.
To learn more about the benefits and services provided by British Airways to its distinguished customers, and the most important common questions regarding its dealings, please follow the following report.

British Airways A detailed report on British Airways - British Airways: A detailed report on British Airways

British Airways features

British Airways is one of the leading companies in the field of transportation and air services that rely on a modern fleet of aircraft, ensuring customers the highest levels of safety, safety and comfort.
British Airways is distinguished by its multiple flights and diversity of destinations that reach almost everywhere in the world thanks to its membership in One World International Alliance and its effective cooperation with partner airlines that have the same emblem.
• Provide after-travel or after-flight services such as car rental and hotel reservations.
Comfortable reclining seats and sleeping, work space, legroom, comfortable eye lighting.
Various entertainment contents such as electronic magazine, the latest movies and programs, music and singing, games.
• Free shipping services for children’s luggage, transportation, and checking other baggage from home to the airport, making travel procedures easier.
Priority check-in and boarding priority for businessmen, VIPs and families with children, with luxurious private lounges for businessmen and VIPs.
• Spa, massage and skin care sessions for some flight stations before takeoff, upon stopping or arriving, some on board.
Various free meals and drinks to suit all tastes and take care of dieters and patients.

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Onboard services

British Airways offers its passengers a variety of services that ensure the comfort, relaxation and enjoyment of the customer during his travel journey, whatever its duration, as follows:

the food

British Airways’ dining options for its passengers vary depending on the class, destination and travel time between snacks such as cakes, pastries, sandwiches, sweets and drinks of all kinds during short trips, up to local and international meals prepared from fresh ingredients, with special meals on demand for dieters healthy and ideological.


Various forms of entertainment are available to suit all ages and desires, such as movies, music, audiobooks, and games.


On board, there are many amenities that will ensure the customer’s comfort, pleasure and satisfaction with the British cruise lines such as personal screens of various sizes, noise-canceling headphones, comfortable cotton blankets and pillows, elegant cutlery, power supply, and the Internet.

Class of travel on British Airways

British Airways offers 4 classes to travel on its flights, each class distinguishing them from others, such as:

Economy / Economy Class

It includes two types of travelers:
Eurozone travelers: Economy class passengers enjoy comfortable seats with personal legroom and reclining space, as seats are also available with fully movable headrests and LED lighting for a comfortable sleep experience.
Buy snacks and drinks with a credit card or use the airline’s frequent flyer miles
Free newspapers and electronic magazines are displayed on the eye level screen for the passenger’s comfort.
Economy Class for Euro Airways offers 3 types of tickets with different benefits and completely reduced prices, which is the basic cheap ticket with limited weight for luggage, the basic ticket that gives you more flexibility in terms of weight of luggage, the ideal that gives you the opportunity to amend your flight schedule and date.
Priority boarding for families with infants or toddlers on board using strollers to save time and effort, with free shipping for strollers and car seats for toddlers from the door to your travel destination, and fun and enjoyable leisure activities for young ones.
British Airways provides its customers with this degree of transportation and checking bags and luggage from your London location to the airport, which means faster and easier check-in.
The ability to check in online or by phone, with easy payment of the ticket and any credit card fees.
International travelers: Economy class passengers enjoy comfortable reclining seats to help lie down and sleep with soft pillows, blankets, eye masks and flying socks, with power to charge phones and personal computers, a brush and toothpaste on request.
Various delicious meals satisfy all tastes with a bar for free hot and cold drinks during medium and long trips prepared by professional chefs worldwide in accordance with the duration of your trip, taking into account the owners of special diets.
Flat and large personal screen with headphones to follow the latest and best cinematic and cartoon movies and games, TV and radio programs, songs and music compositions, audiobooks, and viewing on demand service.
The international passenger package is in agreement with European Union travelers for all other benefits.

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Economy Class (International Traveler Plus)

Passengers with this class have comfortable seats that are more tiltable and equipped with a headrest and a footrest, legroom, cotton cushion, blanket and power supply, with eye mask, socks, brush and toothpaste.
Personal monitors to follow the different entertainment contents with headphones to block surrounding noise.
Varieties of seasonal local meals made from the finest fresh ingredients and elegantly served with elegant cutlery, with a free bar for all kinds of drinks, and a la carte menus for special dieters.
British Airways provides its passengers with this extra flexibility in carrying luggage while traveling.

business class

Priority check-in and check-out via private offices, with priority boarding and comfortable airport lounges including refreshments, beverages, newspapers and free wireless internet services.
Greater luggage weight and flexibility in handling extra weights on British Airways.
Ergonomic seats with ample space for stretching legs, relaxing, business and dining, fully movable headrests, soft eye-lighting and electronic-level magazines at eye level.
A variety of delicious local foods prepared with good and fresh British ingredients to suit the duration of the trip, with other international options, snacks and various drinks. British Airways do not forget to consider special dieters.
Enjoying the experience of charging and checking luggage from home to the airport, which means easier procedures, in a shorter time and with less effort.
Personal screens and noise-canceling headphones to follow the latest and best diversified entertainment content that satisfies different ages and tastes, with customized content available on some trips.
On-board spa, relaxation and skin and body care during some flights originating from London are provided by Elemis, the UK’s leading personal care company.
This degree offers 3 types of excursions: European Tours, World Tours, London to New York Tours.

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first degree

Passengers of this class have fully ergonomic, comfortable seats that help to lie back and sleep peacefully on long trips, with legroom, a comfortable ergonomic headrest and a blanket.
A varied menu a la carte menu, with another menu for delicious British local dishes, as well as distinctive local tea and snacks of cakes, pies, desserts and pastries.
15-inch personal monitors fixed to the back of each seat and noise-canceling headphones to follow the diverse cinematic, television and radio contents, games and musical compositions, and listen to interesting books and audio novels.
Luxury and private arrival halls and private offices to check in and out quickly, easily and quickly track in the event of any complaints during the trip.
High-level services with arrival halls and restrooms, such as showering, washing clothes, rest and eating delicious meals, and performing business in the luxurious private suite of the Concorde Hall, in addition to spa, massage and skin care sessions in some stops.
Greater baggage flexibility, with door-to-door transfer and verification service available.

The most important travel destinations for British Airways

British Airways provides flights to 169 destinations around the world, including 10 destinations in the Middle East, the most important of which are:
British Airways flights to / from Cairo
British flights to / from Beirut
British flights from / to Abu Dhabi
British Airways flights to / from Dubai
British Airways flights to / from Bahrain
British Airways flights to / from Jeddah
British Airways flights to / from Riyadh
British flights from / to Doha
British Airways flights to / from Muscat
British flights to / from Kuwait

British Airways Reservation

You can simply book your ticket electronically, control your flight data, and make any changes you want through the British Airways website, and you can also resort to the traditional means of reservations through the offices of agents around the world.

British Airways and baggage policy

The free and excess baggage policy on British Airways flights varies by class, destination and age group for the passengers as follows:

Passengers at basic economic class

Passengers of this class are only permitted to carry hand luggage with a foldable stroller, cot or baby car seat from infancy until 11 years of age for free, while the passenger will be charged for any other luggage as an additional baggage.

Economy class travelers to the eurozone or around the world

Passengers of this category who are over two years old and heading to London for Doha and vice versa at this level are allowed to carry one free bag of 32 kg, with a choice between a stroller, a bed, a baby chair or their carrier, while children under two years of age are allowed one bag of 23 kg Two of the children and previously mentioned.
Passengers who are over two years old and heading to and from (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria) or (Europe and Japan) or (Kuwait, Europe, the United States, Britain, Canada) or (India, the United States, Canada, Bermuda) or (Saudi Arabia, The United States, Bermuda, Canada) or (Kuwait, British Airways network) carry two free bags of 23 kg, while children under that age are allowed one bag of the same weight with two pieces of children’s items mentioned.
Passengers of all ages and travelers to other destinations are allowed to carry one bag of a maximum weight of 23 kg, with a choice of only two pieces of baby items.

Passengers on Economy Class

Passengers over the age of two years and those traveling on this class are allowed to carry two bags of 23 kg with two pieces of special children’s luggage for free, while under that age they are allowed to carry one bag of the same weight with two pieces of children’s luggage, when traveling to all destinations.

First and Business Class passengers

Passengers on these classes are allowed for all destinations over the age of two years to carry two bags of 32 kg with two pieces of children’s luggage, while children under two years of age are allowed one bag of 23 kg and two pieces of luggage such as a rollaway cart, bed, chair or infant carrier.
The frequent travelers with silver and gold cards
This category is allowed an additional weight without a charge of up to 32 kg per bag.
Passengers of all classes and destinations are allowed to carry up to 10 additional bags of the same weight and dimensions allowed for its class, with an overweight fee at the airport or online after reviewing it on the British Airways website.

Completion of travel procedures

Through the British Airways website you can request meals and special services that you can need during your trip, and even choose the seat number and upgrade the degree and take advantage of the additional services provided by British Airways to its travelers in general and permanent travelers in particular.
You can also request transportation and check the weight and nature of luggage from the heart of your home to the departure airport, and take advantage of the speed of the airport check-in offices, as well as free shipping services for children’s luggage and special treatment for families.

Summary of customer reviews

British Airways has rated 3.5 / 5 on TripAdvisor to rate and book flights, according to 43,000 878 people who have traveled on British Airways.

common questions

This item reviews detailed answers about the most important questions that are still on your mind regarding dealing with British Airways as an air carrier.

What is the frequent flyer program offered by British Airways to its distinguished customers?

The loyalty program offered by British Airways to its permanent customers is known as the Executive Club or the Executive Club, and it gives gifts and rewards points known as Avios for every personal or family account according to the number of points in it such as free trips, class upgrade, hotel reservation and car rental, data installation to ensure Faster reservations, luxurious airport lounges, and more.
Club cards take 4 colors, each with its own advantages: blue, bronze, silver and golden.

Can I cancel my reservation? How can the ticket be redeemed then?

Yes, you can cancel your flight reservation within 24 hours of doing it and redeem your ticket without fines by contacting the support team via the British Airways website or customer service via the company’s contact numbers.

How can I amend my itinerary?

In the event that you book with British Airways, you can easily amend your flight details through the reservation management department via the company’s website.
Start by reading the terms of the amendment, such as the fact that your ticket is upgradeable, refundable or restricted, as canceling and amending some types of tickets, especially cheap ones, requires paying service fees that vary according to their type and the size of the amendment required to be made, before making the amendment decision.
In the event that the required modifications include changing the departure airport or changing the number of passengers accompanying you may need to communicate with the British Airways Customer Service team better.
In the event that you book your flight on British Airways through an office or travel agency, you should contact them to do the necessary.

What is the procedure in case of luggage lost or damaged?

In the event that some luggage is damaged or lost, you must report it on the website of the British airline or the destination airport and explain its specifications and condition accurately.
The company will investigate and track the accuracy and speed of your luggage automatically and inform you of the developments, while abiding by the expenses or the compensation amount, provided that your damaged or lost luggage does not violate the policies and conditions for carrying the luggage of British Airways.

How does British Airways handle special travel cases?

British Airways provides more attention, care and care to travelers in special cases such as:
People with special needs: British Airways provides wheelchairs to transport people with physical disabilities, while allowing animals traveling for other disabilities is allowed free of charge, provided that reporting two days before the flight date (48 hours) to provide the necessary preparations and this can be done easily through the reservation management department on the site.
Unaccompanied children: British Airways does not accept traveling unaccompanied children before their 14-year-old age, and subject to obtaining approval and attaching a passport copy to the parent or guardian of the travel request.
Younger children must travel with a parent, guardian, or companion, aged 16 and over.
An exception is SUN-AIR operated flights that allow children older than 5 years to travel on their flights.
Sick cases: British Airways provides patients traveling on its flights a service to purchase health insurance in the destination country during the travel period to avoid the costs of treatment or deportation, this service appears after you confirm the reservation and payment via the Internet as it is not available to some countries without others.
British Air also allows travel of patients in critical cases, accompanied by a medical team and special oxygen devices, provided that a form is filled out with details of the case with the assistance of the specialist doctor and referred to the Medical Affairs Authority of the company’s passengers for decision.

What are the most important packages offered by British Airways to its customers?

In addition to booking airline tickets, you can through British Airways and without being a frequent traveler on its flights, book a hotel stay or rent a car with or without the ticket as a single service

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