Cheap markets in Bursa .. Bursa is distinguished by including a distinguished group of popular markets with cheap prices and good raw materials, and Arab travelers provide you with a guide to reach these markets.

Cheap markets in Bursa ..

To you … the cheapest market in Bursa …

– Koza Khan Silk Market … the oldest and most famous Turkish market …

The Koza Khan silk market ... the oldest and most famous Turkish market ...– The Silk Market “Koza Khan” .. The oldest and most famous Turkish market … The Silk Market in Bursa is considered one of the most vital places and popular markets that attract thousands of tourists to it, and it succeeded in reserving its place as one of the global markets on the land of Turkey, and given its great importance there, they call It has the heart of Bursa, a buzzing capital, because it is a basic source of income, and its name is Turkish “Koza Han, as it is known as the precious pearl of Turkey. Tourist attraction and a place of people B for hiking and shopping together. The silk market in Bursa is famous for selling scarves and distinctive silk clothing, whether for tourists from inside or outside Turkey, and the market contains a large courtyard and a distinguished mosque and a café that offers the most delicious drinks that make the market a place for entertainment and recreation. Besides its tourist importance it occupies a great historical place It was built in the fifteenth century by order of Sultan Beyazid II in 1490, and it is one of the most famous centers of selling the finest types of silk in the world, and in the past it was the seat of caravans carrying silk products coming from China, and by being in the market you can get the best cup of Turkish tea and others M N drinks in the cafes, which is characterized by the market. The silk market is connected to a lot of markets close to each other to be the covered market in Bursa, where ready-made clothes markets and places to sell vegetables and gold are available, and do not miss the visit of the Bursa Grand Mosque “near the market and eat delicious Turkish food in the restaurants that the market includes. Read also: markets Turkish city of Bursa

The Covered Market or as it is known as the “Grand Bazaar” …

The covered market or as it is known as the "Grand Bazaar" ...– The covered market or as it is known as the “Grand Bazaar” … The covered market is considered one of the best places that includes distinctive and varied merchandise at the lowest prices, the most famous of which are: silk clothes and manufactures besides accessories and the most beautiful historical gifts. You can also get the finest jewelery shops there, and the covered market is one One of the most popular and most popular markets in Bursa, thanks to its historical position, which increases its beauty and tourist importance.

– Central Market..

- Central Market..– The central market..and occupies a great place in the hearts of the people and tourists, due to its inclusion of the finest raw materials and products at the cheapest prices, which is a group of shops lined up next to each other in many interconnected and converging streets, and the matter may confuse you somewhat, as all markets are very similar and very close. Also read: Tourist Places on the Turkey Stock Exchange

The covered market is one of the cheapest in Bursa.

The covered market is one of the cheapest in Bursa.– The covered market..and one of the cheapest markets in Bursa..The covered market in Bursa is one of the most famous and important historical monuments in Turkey and along with its commercial importance occupies a large tourist position and attracts thousands of tourists to it, and the market abounds by including large quantities of the finest types of clothing and silk, Beside the gold shops and the most beautiful souvenirs and accessories at very reasonable prices, it devotes a large place to sell fruit and includes a long street for all kinds of clothes at very cheap prices, and it is located next to the cotton market and towels in addition to the Zephere Mall and the famous silk market.

Sunday Market or Inibolu …

    Sunday Market or Inipolu ...– Sunday Market or Inipolu … It opens its doors to visitors every Sunday morning, and is famous for providing the best types of food and food commodities, and it is a suitable place for cooking lovers and housewives, as it offers charming Black Sea products that are preferred by the Turks, and is also famous for selling the best types of vegetables and fruits and provides the best types of chestnut And hazelnuts beside peaches and figs as well as corn in addition to mushrooms and fresh butter, beautiful cheese and distinctive olives. Read also: Village of Messi Bursa .. You must try breakfast on the distinguished Nilufer River

– Tarlabashi Bazar ..

Tarlabashi BazarTarlabashi Bazar, the market is characterized by its very cheap prices and the inclusion of the finest materials, which is a beautiful neighborhood that provides an atmosphere of tranquility and romance to visitors and considers it a real picnic thanks to its torsional streets and beautiful cheerful lighting colors, and witnessed many amendments to include different types of goods at prices that suit all the few and medium budgets.

– Saturday market …

- Saturday market ...– Saturday market … The Saturday market is considered one of the most famous and important popular markets in Turkey, despite its small size and its inclusion of only 400 booths, but it witnesses great demand and intense crowds and opens its doors on Saturday morning, and provides good products and materials at cheap prices, the most famous of which is: clothing And textiles, shoes and bags in addition to distinctive jewelry, home textiles and handicrafts. The market is also famous for selling the finest types of tomato crops, cucumbers and various fresh vegetable varieties besides fruits and the most delicious fresh foods. The market opens its doors at dawn and continues until sunset. Z special offers the best drinks.

Wednesday Market

Wednesday Market– Wednesday market..and its beauty is characterized by its products and goods, it contains more green spaces that make it a tourist attraction, and tourists go to it for shopping and hiking, and by being in this market you can get high-quality products at very reasonable prices, in addition to It contains a lot of kiosks that accept credit cards, and the market is famous for selling clothes, food commodities, flowers and accessories and all cosmetics, and you can get the best drinks through its distinctive cafes on both sides of the street.

As Merkez Outlet ..

As Merkez Outlet ..As Merkez Outlet .. It is one of the historical markets that includes valuable products at cheap prices. It also includes all the facilities that provide luxury and enjoyment for visitors. It includes many cinemas and places dedicated to bowling and skiing, in addition to children’s games, and the best restaurants and cafes.

Zafer Plaza

Zafer Plaza Zafer Plaza Market, characterized by its distinctive aesthetic shape, so the building looks like a beautiful glass pyramid, and includes various local and international brands that tourists are searching for inside and outside, along with a distinguished group of restaurants and providing delicious food and cinema halls.

Carrefour Stock Exchange:

Carrefour Stock Exchange:Carrefour Bursa: It includes a large group of shops that offer a variety of goods between food commodities, clothing, and international and local brands, in addition to cinemas, cafes and restaurants.

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