Cheap restaurants in Al Ain are the goal of many visitors and tourists to Al Ain, Al Ain is one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. In this article we will talk in detail about the best cheap restaurants in Al Ain, its features and the best foods it offers.

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Cheap restaurants in Al Ain:

In Al Ain there are cheap restaurants with a variety of specialties, which suit all tastes and to satisfy the desires of many visitors, which were able to be among the best international restaurants in short periods as they are characterized by providing Arab and international meals and snacks suitable for vegetarians and among the most important of these restaurants:

1- Flavors Restaurant

Flavors restaurant is located in the Hilton in Al Ain, and it is one of the cheapest restaurants specializing in seafood, Middle Eastern and Arabic food, as it is suitable for vegetarians because it contains many vegetarian options and the food inside is halal, and it has gluten-free foods suitable for people who are sensitive to gluten, It features excellent services and food is cooked in front of visitors in a pleasant way. The restaurant has a large and spacious area and has places designated for families and gatherings of friends. Read also: Tourist places in Al Ain for families.

2- Zest Restaurant

Zest Restaurant is characterized by its presence among the best cheap restaurants in Al Ain suitable for vegetarians, which contains a varied seafood menu and has gluten-free options, a distinguished menu of grills, and many international, Middle Eastern and Arabic meals. The restaurant is characterized by its excellent services and hospitable staff with great experience ,.

3- Al Mallah Restaurant
Al Mallah Restaurant is located on Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Al Mallah Restaurant must be among the chain of the best cheap restaurants in Al Ain, it is characterized by providing delicious Lebanese food, especially shawarma and great Lebanese appetizers, in addition to Middle Eastern, Arabic, and Mediterranean foods of course all The meals in the restaurant are halal, and there is a general menu suitable for vegetarians, suitable for all meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the restaurant is quiet and easy to access. Read also: Cheap markets in Al Ain

4- Bhavana Restaurant

Bhavana Restaurant located in Al-Muraba’a district, Al Ain, the list of the most prominent cheap restaurants in Al Ain must contain the Bhavana Restaurant, which features the best vegetarian food, and also serves delicious Indian food and grills

5- Zero Fat Restaurant

Its location is Al Khalifa Street in Al Ain. If you are looking for the best cheap restaurants in Al Ain that provide healthy eating, it is advisable to visit Zero Fat Restaurant, which is interested in providing the most beautiful italyn, French, Asian and British foods. The restaurant services are excellent and clean.

6- Herfy restaurant

This restaurant is located on Hamdan Bin Mohamed Street in Al Ain, which is a cheap, distinctive, and clean restaurant, and it offers delicious food such as meat and chicken burger and the best children’s meals. Read also: Cheap restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah ..

7- Burger King Restaurant

Al-Ain Burger is located in the Al-Kouris district of Al-Ain. It is among the list of the best cheap restaurants in Al Ain specializing in various burger meals and serves delicious fries in a different way.

8- Subway Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the region of 127 in Al Ain, and it features the best European and American meals in addition to the best fast food, healthy meals, fresh bread and various shapes and foods, as it has grilled chicken meals, turkey and jalapeno, and the restaurant branches are spread in multiple places in Al Ain so it is easy Access to it also has many branches in metro stations.

9 – World Fish Restaurant

The restaurant is located in Al Ain Mall, Othman Bin Affan Street, and it is definitely a cheap restaurant that specializes in seafood and the best meals it offers is sea soup, fried fish, rice and tahini, and it also offers wonderful french fries.

10- Golden Sheep Restaurant

There is in the Al-Hamira neighborhood of Al Ain, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Al Ain, it offers the best Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean meals, which is suitable for vegetarians, and of course all meals provided in the restaurant are halal, and it has places designated for families, it is quiet and has two floors and has an elevator for the upper floor and sessions Indoor and outdoor, as well as good service and hygiene. Read also: Cheap restaurants in Sharjah ..

11- Al-Fanar Restaurant & Cafe

Al-Fanar Restaurant & Cafe is located in Al-Zaafarana Market in Al Ain, serving barbecue rich in distinct flavors, Middle Eastern meals and delicious diverse soups and seafood, there is a distinctive menu for vegetarians, the restaurant is a beautiful heritage and visitors enjoy calm music, and the professional staff And helpful.

12- Coriander Restaurant

Coriander Restaurant The place of the restaurant is in Al Bawadi Mall, Sultan Bin Zayed Street in Al Ain. It is interested in providing various Indian and Pakistani foods in an excellent and beautiful way. The restaurant decor is quiet and beautiful. One of its most important advantages is that it is in a commercial area surrounded by many brands. The staff is also helpful and friendly.

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