There are many people searching for cheap restaurants in Dubai, where the Emirate of Dubai is one of the places full of restaurants, cafes and different hotels, but some may be ignorant of the places of cheap and simple restaurants where they believe that all restaurants are expensive.
So we now offer you a list of cheap restaurants in Dubai, where you can eat all meals at the cheapest prices and save a lot of money.

Best cheap restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is characterized by the presence of many diverse restaurants such as fish and grills, Indian, Indonesian, Lebanese and other restaurants, where you find everything you want from the most delicious and delicious foods, but as for prices, they are considered to be medium cost, and there are some restaurants that are distinct in their eating and at the same time low prices, and we mention now The most prominent of these restaurants, where you can go to one and eat the best meals, either alone or with your family.

Zaroub Restaurant

Zaroob Restaurant Zaroob Restaurant is one of the cheapest restaurants in Dubai, and Zaroob Restaurant offers many traditional and popular cuisine, and this is evident from its name “Zaroob” which means narrow or simple corridor.
You find the menu of the restaurant varied between shawarma, hummus, falafel, manakish and other delicious and inexpensive popular foods, so we find demand for this restaurant by everyone in its various branches that spread in the city of Dubai. Read also: The best cheap hotels in Dubai .. 4 stars

Popov Lebanese Restaurant

Popov Lebanese Restaurant in DubaiPopov Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai, this restaurant is one of the cheapest restaurants in Dubai, it is a favorite place for lovers of home eating, and original Lebanese dishes, it provides daily many famous home dishes as well as grilled shawarma and other foods, but for the price of meals in that restaurant it is less than fifty One dirham per person, which makes it the ideal restaurant for you and your family.

Greek cuisine restaurant GRK

Dubai Greek cuisine restaurantThe Greek cuisine restaurant in Dilbem abandoned the city of Dubai from the Greek restaurants, where the GRK restaurant came to shine above the throne of restaurants in Dubai, offering all the Greek food that is simple and costly delicious, as that restaurant chooses the meals that are served with the utmost accuracy and ingenuity, and adds to it its special touches that make it taste Wonderful, so what is the most beautiful grilled lamb meat meal on the Greek way in that restaurant !, And the tastiest and tastiest Arabic food stuffed with meat pieces !, It is considered one of the list of cheap restaurants in Dubai. Also read: Tourist places in Dubai for families

Moylo Restaurant

Dubai burger restaurantDubai Burger RestaurantMoylo Restaurant is one of the famous burger restaurants in Dubai, and it is also among the list of the best cheap restaurants in Dubai, although the restaurant is limited to serving only the burger, it is distinguished by its special touch on the meals it offers, so you find seven options available to you such as the burger Stuffed with onions, sauce, cheese and other types.

Aryass Restaurant

Aryass RestaurantAryass Restaurant This restaurant is not only a cheap restaurant in Dubai, but was classified in 2012 as the best and greatest average cost restaurant in all parts of Dubai, and that restaurant serves Indian cuisine, where we find in Dubai there is a high demand for those foods, despite the simplicity of the restaurant in His formation, however, he was able to create a place for him in light of the fierce competition in the market; thanks to what the restaurant offers of very tasty foods, through which he managed to occupy a place in the hearts of everyone, so no individual goes to him but returns again, but recommends the restaurant to his friends and relatives, as for the price of meals in Indian food restaurant, it is simple and on board Well hands, for example, the price of the dish biryani restaurant AED 15 only, the price of a curry dish varied vegetables price of AED 14.5, which is considered low prices also Gaah.aqro: Tourist places in Dubai for children

Bu Qutair Restaurant

Bu Qutair Restaurant in DubaiBu Qatir Restaurant in Dubai: A cheap restaurant in Dubai. This simple restaurant managed to make customers queue up for the fish meals it serves. It is considered one of the best fish restaurants in Dubai, and it is also one of the famous tourist destinations.
This restaurant offers different fish dishes, but it only uses fresh fish that was caught on the same day, which makes it taste special. It also offers paratha bread, which the restaurant bakes by a group of skilled baked goods, and what is more beautiful is the rice dish of this restaurant with curry sauce, despite the widespread fame And the huge profits that the restaurant achieves, because it still retains its simplicity, so far it uses plastic tables, and it does not follow the pre-reservation system, but whoever comes first to the restaurant sits in empty places and who does not find a place to wait.

Thai food restaurant

Thai food restaurantIf you are looking for the names of cheap restaurants in Dubai as well as distinctive, you are now in the right place, as the Thai food restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai, which is characterized by a warm atmosphere, so you feel like you are at home completely, and you find in that restaurant various meals and dishes, there is a crunchy beef dish Which is considered the most skilled chef and add to it those spices that make him great taste, as you find many types of soups of simple price, and you do not miss in that restaurant the Thai green curry dish that has become his lovers who come to the restaurant in particular for that dish. Read also: Places Family stay up late in Dubai ..

Kababji Restaurant

Kababji RestaurantKababji RestaurantIf you are a fan of barbecue, you need to visit that wonderful restaurant, this restaurant has a list of diverse grills of high quality and distinctive prices, as it is characterized by its high service to customers, and it is not only limited to serving meals in the restaurant but also provides its customers with free home delivery without No additional cost.

Yalla Momos Asian Food Restaurant

Yalla Momos Asian Food RestaurantYalla Momos Asian Food Restaurant This restaurant joins the list of cheap chain restaurants in Dubai, it offers delicious pieces of dumplings, and they are served in many ways, whether baked or fried, and you may choose them stuffed with vegetables, beef, chicken or any other taste as you like, The prices for that restaurant are very simple and are calculated according to the number of pieces contained in the dish.
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