Singapore is one of the most modern Asian countries, and it has a huge cultural diversity from all over the world. The country is considered an international tourist destination, attracting many visitors, as it has many wonderful destinations. It is also classified as a distinctive family destination, which includes many tourist destinations that suit adults and children in particular. Like parks, museums, and interesting attractions.

The best tourist places for children in Singapore

Singapore Flyer

The roller coaster of Singapore is one of the best tourist places for children in Singapore, overlooking the bay, and is considered the largest of its kind in the world. This amazing tourist attraction allows you to get close to the city sky, see the island of Indonesia, and the Malaysian Strait of Johor.
There are various categories of tickets, all of which allow you to enter the multimedia dream trip exhibition, which allows you to learn about the history of the country and the development taking place in it. Each session lasts for half an hour, and you can choose any time you want to go where; you continue to work from the morning, Until the late hours of the night. So all you have to do is choose the time when you want to see that charming city.Singapore Flyer read also: The most beautiful tourist places in Singapore

Singapore Zoo

One of the most beautiful rainforest gardens in the world, classifying itself as the best, an ideal place to take children to spend an unforgettable quality time. The zoo is famous for its beauty, cleanliness, and the good way in which animals are treated. The orangutan is one of the most prominent zoo animals, you can see these animals hanging from the branches of trees, while eating food. Visitors to the garden can have breakfast at the venue. This is done on request. There are also zebras, the family of chimpanzees, Komodo dragons, kangaroos, and other animals. You can also take a safari around the river and Panda Forest. This is in addition to the Jurong Bird Park.Singapore Zoo

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is among the best tourist attractions for children in Singapore, especially in the summer, where; children can enjoy a large number of beach activities, as well as adults as well. The island includes Celso Beach where; can enjoy playing volleyball, canoeing, water skiing, and other activities . In addition to a number of other beaches, the island also includes an underwater water park, which allows you to discover marine life, and swim with the dolphins. There is also a Merlion statue; one of the most important attractions to see in Singapore is a lion’s head, and a fish body. This is next to the Celso Fort, the only fort in the country, which should not be missed.Sentosa Island

Clarke Quay Quay

Clarke Quay was the trade center of Singapore during the nineteenth century, but today it is one of the best sights in the country and a destination your children will inevitably enjoy, with a number of exquisitely cheerful buildings. It can be enjoyed boating, and river taxis leaving the pier, alongside eating A delicious meal while enjoying the distinctive waterfront view.Clarke Quay Quay Also read: Highlights of Singapore

Asian Civilizations Museum

The Museum of Asian Civilizations is located in the Empress Palace building, which was founded in 1865 and named after the request of Queen Victoria, and carries the character of modern classic design. Today the museum displays a huge art collection, mixing civilizations that contributed to the building of the country, so it is a distinct destination if you want an educational tour for your children, and thus one of the best tourist attractions for children in Singapore.Asian Civilizations Museum

Granite Island

Another destination children will enjoy as they give them a glimpse of what life was like in Singapore, before the massive architectural, technological, and industrial development that is ravaging the country today. The park’s national park provides a range of trips, to villages inhabited by the citizens of this country in the nineties where they practiced agriculture And hunting, and lived their lives inside those simple houses and huts.Granite Island

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

Nestled within a Chinese garden, the Turtle Museum is a haven for more than 200 tortoises of sixty different species, with rare species of reptiles. One of those turtles is sixty years old, six of them have two heads, and six of them do not have legs. Children can approach some reptiles that are not dangerous for them to play, and also feed them. Another great destination for your kids to enjoy.The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

Singapore Science Center

The Singapore Science Center was founded to simplify the aspects of civilization and the scientific progress of our time. The center includes a large number of exhibitions, each of which specializes in a specific field of science such as physics, space, life, technology, industrial sciences, and others. It also has a domed theater, which includes a huge iMax screen, and can accommodate two hundred and sixty-seven seats.Singapore Science Center

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