Through this article, we provide you with a guide for travel agencies in Dubai, which is characterized by long experience and various services, with all the details that you would like for each agency, including the address, phone number, location details, and other information, so follow us on the Arab travelers.

Directory of the best travel agencies in Dubai

Sharaf tourism company in the Emirates

  • It is a pioneer in the field of travel and excursions in the Emirates, as it organizes various trips for the government and small companies as well, and other trips at the best prices that suit everyone.
  • The company also often works with Redius International to provide the best services for travelers.
  • As for the services provided by the company, they are varied, including booking airline, train and hotels, as well as organizing cruises and group trips.
  • Address: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street – Dubai.
  • Phone number: +97143976161
  • Website: Sharaf Travel, through which you can view more details about the company, and you can also finish reservations through it.

Fly to travel

  • It is a professional travel management company in Dubai, UAE, and has been providing travel services for more than 40 years.
  • The company is making additions to travel trips by providing a comprehensive range of entertainment products related to travel, such as limousine rental, reservations and others.
  • In addition, there is a section for Disneyland trips, another for Paris, and other places.
  • The company also works with major banks in the Emirates, which facilitates payment and banking.
  • Address: Al Maktoum Street – Dubai – UAE.
  • Phone: +97142055000.
  • The website: Al Tayer, through which you can view more details about the agency, as well as the completion of reservation procedures.

Al Ghaith & Al Moosa Travel Agency

  • Or Alta Company, which is one of the first companies in Dubai and the Emirates in the field of tourism and travel, having experience in the field for more than 50 years.
  • The company offers a number of good offers that suit the traveler, and shows the advantages of each according to the traveler’s criteria.
  • The company can also deal with dignitaries and prepare the necessary things for their comfort.
  • The company is also interested in ending the entry and exit procedures of the country, as well as in addition to tourism services, very efficient freight services.
  • Website: Alta.

Danata Travel

  • It is one of the largest travel agencies in the world and has much experience in this field for more than 60 years.
  • It can handle more than 120 airports, aviation, travel and freight services in more than 60 countries around the world.
  • The daily flights across the company reach more than 1900 flights daily, and transport more than 8,500 tons of goods, other than hotel stays and meals.
  • Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Dubai.
  • Phone number: +97180036282
  • Website: danata, through which you can book flights … and learn more about the company.

Dawn of the Emirates Travel and Tourism

It is a travel agency within the Al Fajr Group of Companies in Dubai, and it deals with most major airlines in Dubai and northern Emirates.

  • The airline book airline tickets and arranges vacation reservations worldwide.
  • The company is also working on car rental, visa issuance, air freight operations and customs clearance.
  • The company also depends on experts working in the field of tourism in order to ensure the convenience of the client and the integrity of his procedures.
  • Address: Omar Bin Al Khattab Street, Deira, Dubai.
  • Phone number: +971507444963.
  • Website: Dawn of Emirates Travel & Tourism where you can learn more details, and arrange reservations online.

You Travel

  • The company explains its vision through its official website that it aims to get away from the common, ordinary and non-creative, and work to develop long-term relationships with customers by providing the finest services, and the latest.
  • The company is lost in privacy and confirms its commitment to it and its work to protect it. The company also takes the opinions of its guests in the steps that are presented to them to ensure that what suits their tastes suits them.
  • The company also carefully selects its employees with the assistance of experts from all over the world, which provides the highest possible quality.
  • The company works to provide all tourist services, including reservations, excursions, as well as accommodation reservations.
  • Address: Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai.
  • Phone number: +97144474047.
  • Website: You Travel, where you can work on arranging the reservations you want, and see more details.

That was our talk about the leading travel agencies in Dubai. Follow us on Arab travelers to receive all new, and long as you are in the safety of God.

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