Get to know with us in the next article on Plasencia, it may come to your mind for a while that Plasencia is the name of one of the types of drugs or something like that, but it is far from it, Plasencia is one of the small islands that are located near a city of the same name in Spain. Its owner several years ago built a small villa on it that can only accommodate fourteen people and displayed it on social media for rent so it spread like wildfire among the pioneers of social networking sites. Today Arab site travelers will help you get to know this wonderful island.
If you are a fan of calm, or are looking for a place away from the crowd of the city to relax in your nerves for some time, and in the event that you aspire to spend time with those close to your friends and family members quietly away from the working environment and technology sources that divide the crowd today, then the island of Plasencia is the most appropriate place For you to spend the most beautiful times in the arms of nature with the people you love,
Below we show you a picture of Plasencia Island.



  • In addition to the scenic nature, calm and serenity provided by the island, it is also equipped with two boats that you can take a tour of one of them at sea around the island, or spend a day away from the island on a cruise.
  • It is worth noting that many people have visited the island of Plasencia, and all their reactions have been positive regarding the cleanliness of the place, the quality of service provided there, as well as the picturesque natural atmosphere there.
  • In addition, the amount required to rent it is a small amount, so what are you waiting for?
  • All you have to do is pack your luggage and go with a group of those close to you to have an unforgettable time together.

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