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The right time for tourism in Ethiopia

For many, dry seasons in Ethiopia are the appropriate time to visit, which is the period between October and February, where the climate is dry and sunny, in addition to the rainy season in which many cultural festivals are held, which runs from June to September.

Tourist places in Ethiopia

The city of Axum

The state of Ethiopia is one of the most African countries that contain many sites that are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Aksum is one of these sites, it is a historical city, it contains the Church of St. Mary of Zion, and many Archeological sites, tombs, and ancient holy books.

the National Museum

The collection displayed at the National Museum in Ethiopia is considered one of the most important collections in black Africa (sub-Saharan Africa), and one of its most prominent exhibitions is the paleontological exhibition (induction museum) located in the basement, which is home to the internationally known Lucy fossil, which was discovered In 1974, in the Afar region in northwestern Ethiopia, there are many arts on the first floor dating back to the fourteenth century, in addition to oil paintings dating back to the twentieth century, drawn by contemporary artists, and the second floor contains a group of arts and crafts Like For: traditional weapons, jewelry, utensils, clothing, and musical instruments.

Vasil Gibi

Fasil Ghebbi is a fortified city, and it is the seat of the Ethiopian Emperor Fasilides, and his successors in the sixth and seventeenth centuries. It was the center of the Ethiopian government until the year 1864 AD, and it includes about twenty palaces, a royal building, ornate churches, monasteries, and unique public buildings from Its type is surrounded by a 900-meter-long wall.


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