Family places to stay in Phuket .. Phuket has the advantage of being the first tourist destination for tourists in Thailand thanks to its highly beautiful tourist places and ensures spending the best nights in the company of the family, and Arab travelers give you your guide to reach it ..

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Family nightlife in Phuket …

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Patong Beach – the most famous and beautiful Phuket beaches

Patong Beach - the most famous and beautiful Phuket beaches– Patong Beach .. The most famous and most beautiful beaches of Phuket..It is characterized by the inclusion of all the amenities and facilities that guarantee spending the best times with the family, and you can spend the most beautiful evening walking at night on the sands of the soft and light beach, which is used for running competitions and hiking, as the beach includes stunning landscape and allows you to Eat dinner in one of the restaurants spread there beside the night markets, clubs and cafes that guarantee the family to spend the best nights. * Night activities in the Patong Beach .. – Practicing various sports activities such as football and volleyball, as well as practicing the hobby of swimming thanks to the low Umu C there. – Do not miss the experience of riding motorcycles, marine tanks and parachute and enjoy the charming night on the beach. – It is located near Arab markets, restaurants, amusement parks and cafes that suit families. – During the night period, more artistic performances are held and candles parties are celebrated to commemorate Tusunami. Read also: Popular markets in Phuket ..

Phuket Island

Phuket Island
– Phuket Island..a favorite place for families to do the most beautiful cruises inside an inflatable boat inside the river and passes through the forest among the trees and suits adventure lovers, you can also enjoy the beauty of waterfalls there, watch crocodile shows in the evening, play with elephants and take memorial photos.

Safari trips on Phuket Island.

    Safari trips on Phuket Island.– Safari trips to Phuket Island … and through it you get to know the beauty of Phuket Island and its tourist attractions and enjoy seeing the beauty of its beaches and its scenic landscapes, and the pleasure of tourism in Phuket is not complete without the safari experience, which families prefer and guarantee them to spend the most beautiful family evening and enjoy riding elephants in The forest where beautiful nature and fun weather and discover the forests that Phuket is famous for along with waterfalls, rivers and pets that live in the forest, as it includes a variety of the most delicious fruits, the most famous of which are bananas. Read also: Malls and markets in Phuket ..

Phuket festivals to spend the best nights in the company of the family.

    Phuket festivals to spend the best nights in the company of the family.– Phuket festivals to spend the best evening in the company of the family..To spend the best evening in the company of the family, be sure to attend the events and festivals organized by Phuket Island, on top of which: the Taipip Krasatrio Festival to commemorate the occurrence of the island under the control of Myanmar, and the turtle launch festival which is the Water Day or World Day of Fishing on the island Celebration is taking place on the various beaches of the island, in addition to the festival for ships for marine fishing where the fishermen make a person from wood and put it inside a ship with water and the people offer more dances called “Ronging”, and the island also organizes the Yatta Festival to revive the rituals and Acts of Worship and the traditions of the city of Phuket, and the festival to refrain from eating, and through him abstain from eating meat and food is limited to only vegetables for the purpose of liquidation of the soul of sins, and finally the Laguna Festival, is witnessing the establishment of a number of sports competitions.

Karon Beach ..

Karon Beach ..– Karon Beach..and resembles Patong Beach, “and witnesses many events and evening parties, singing, dancing and shopping at night, it is the perfect place to spend the most beautiful evening and enjoy the charming nature and relaxation on the beach sand, and it suits the lovers of calm and charming natural scenery, also allows you to eat dinner on a beautiful evening and view Distinguished by the sea, by the restaurants on the beach, which offer delicious food and the family likes. Read also: travel advice to Phuket ..

– Kata Beach ..

Many sports competitions and events are held in the evening, suitable for adventure lovers, diving in the deep sea and enjoying seeing coral reefs. In the evening, you can accompany the family for dinner with the distinctive restaurants that offer delicious local and international food. You can complete the evening with one of the cafes and night cafes there.

Surin Beach, Celebrity Beach and Movie Stars

Surin Beach, Celebrity Beach and Movie Stars– Surin Beach..the celebrity beach and movie stars..and thanks to its beautiful scenery, it succeeded in attracting thousands of tourists, celebrities and movie stars and you can take memorial photos with them, and it includes a distinguished group of cafes and restaurants, and you can spend the best evening walk at night on the beach and enjoy the beauty of the region there.

– Fantasia Phuket offers ..

- Fantasia Phuket offers ..– Fantasia Phuket offers..It is one of the most famous offers that Phuket features and combines the present, history and future and is considered a real embodiment of the culture, history and civilization of the region. A group of cultural and artistic activities that rely on the latest technological methods. * Night activities in Fantasia Phuket ..: – The pleasure of walking at night on foot and enjoying the charming magical night and fine sand, watching the heritage buildings in the beach and discovering Thai civilization through sculptures At historical figures and statues – Ride elephants, spend time of joy and joy in the company of the family, and take pictures of the most beautiful with elephants. – In the evening, many musical performances, singing and dancing parties are held on the most beautiful Thai melodies. – Enjoy watching giant aquariums and the famous golden building and watch the jungle display and games The Navy.- Entertainment shows take place in the evening and are preferred by children, and there is the Elephant Palace Theater, which was designed in the form of a huge palace, decorated with two elephant statues and hosts the historical Fantasia Show Phuket Show, which is the most famous show in Phuket .– By the end of the day, take your family Lin And for dinner there are distinctive restaurants in a quiet and beautiful atmosphere where restaurants are designed in the form of elephants and the homes of Thai Kadimh.- open its doors to Phuket Fantasia visitors starting from six in the morning until eleven thirty in the evening.

– Jungle Splash Park ..

And occupies a large place in the hearts of families, especially children, to include a place dedicated to games beside swimming pools, outdoor seating and enjoy the beauty of nature there. * Night activities in the Jungle Splash Park .. – Watch a lot of art shows, dance to the most beautiful songs, Thai melodies and see acrobatic performances that Children love it. – Playing water games, including: slides and taking pictures next to artificial waterfalls. – An ideal place for children to practice more useful and entertaining activities, on top of which: drawing and coloring next to cutting and pasting.

Aquarium..The most beautiful water basins in Phuket ..

Aquarium..The most beautiful water basins in Phuket ..– Aquarium..The most beautiful water basins in Phuket..It succeeded in attracting thousands of tourists to it, especially families and it is the ideal place to get to know marine life closely and enjoy watching marine creatures and huge fish, and ensures you spend the best evening by watching the distinctive artistic offers of dolphins, and eating dinner in Distinctive atmosphere among marine creatures.

Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo– Phuket Zoo..It is a very distinctive garden and includes rare types of birds, marine creatures and fish beside elephants and hyenas, as well as large green areas of rare plants and trees, and in the evening enjoy watching the artistic shows of trained animals, most notably elephants and monkeys beside crocodiles, and these shows appeal to children in the form of Large.

The old town .. in Phuket ..

And is characterized by historical buildings and monuments, and wandering on foot is a real pleasure to see the archaeological houses, museums and palaces, and in the evening a lot of dancing parties and artistic and show shows that the family likes.

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