The map of the most important tourist attractions in Thailand includes hundreds of places that can be visited without exaggeration, as there are archaeological sites, natural areas, mountainous heights and beaches. As far as it sounds fun, the tourist may fall into the trap of visiting places less important or beautiful than other places. This article is a review of the most important tourist attractions that must be visited in Thailand and even placed on top of the schedule of tourist attractions.

The most important tourist attractions in Thailand

Bangkok It is impossible to visit Thailand without going through the capital, Bangkok, one of the most exciting cities in Asia. Bangkok is another cosmopolitan city where everyone and everything exists, even the strangest and most funny things. You can spend a lot of time in Bangkok, whether to visit antiquities, roam the colorful markets, attend yoga sessions, join specialized classes in local food, or go to entertainment places that bustle By the city. Chiang Mai Chiang Mai, the capital of the Northern Territory, is smaller and less populated than Bangkok but includes many distinct tourism activities, and is indisputably The most important tourist attractions in ThailandYou can walk around Chiang Mai on foot and visit the archaeological ruins and historical places of the city that had taken the capital for long historical periods. Archaeological Ruins: Between Bangkok and Chiang Mai there are two archeological areas that must be visited during tourism in Thailand, which is the city of Siku Tan, and the city of Ayutthaya. Seku Tani: It was taken as the capital of the country in the thirteenth century as it was the first independent kingdom in the country and this period witnessed many events that are considered the era The Golden City translates the name “Sekou Tani” to “Dawn of Happiness” as a metaphor for the prosperity and progress that this great city witnessed.The most important tourist attractions in ThailandAyutthaya: It took the capital of Thailand in earlier periods of history, and it still maintains this archaeological archaeological and rare heritage monuments that qualified it to be one of the most important archeological cities in the list of UNESCO for Human Heritage. It takes “Ayutthai” from the tourist days to be able to know all its tourist attractions and live This unique historical experience. Tourist islands There is no doubt that beach tourism comes at the top of targeted activities and the most important tourist attractions in Thailand, given that the country includes a large variety of tourist islands with stunning beaches that are difficult to count.The most important tourist attractions in ThailandAmong the most famous islands and tourist beaches to visit in Thailand are Samui Island, Koh Tao Island, Koh Lipe Island, Koh Lanta Island, in addition to hundreds of other more famous islands such as “ Phuket. The list of the most important tourist attractions in Thailand is distinguished by the diversity and diversity that satisfies the desire of all markets. There are archaeological heritage places alongside beaches, tourist islands and popular markets.

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