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An integrated guide to Migros Antalya, Turkey has many commercial and marketing sites and centers that are a strong tourist attraction. By what she presents, she expresses, on the one hand, the country’s culture and heritage, as well as her interest in seasonal visitors to the country, or expatriates in it for work or study, and here is an article from Arab travelers on Migros Mall, Antalya .

What is Antalya famous for?

  • Antalya is famous for its continuous brightness of the sun up to 300 days, and its winter is the warmest in the whole of Turkey.
  • It is also the Turkish country that ranks first in the number of blue flag beaches and marinas, which is awarded in environmental safety, environmental education and water quality.
  • Most restaurants and cafes in Antalya offer free tea, which makes the average daily drinking tea per person in Antalya up to 8 cups.
  • Antalya’s mantra is the orange for its orange planting flowering.
  • The traveler Ibn Battuta wrote about Antalya, its homes, neighborhoods and history, which is strongly shown through its architecture.
  • Antalya is also famous for its largest mall and the latest mall, the “Terra City” mall, which was opened 8 years ago in Lara, east of the city of Antalya.

Shopping in Antalya

  • Antalya contains many shopping centers and popular markets that contain what satisfies the purposes of shoppers of different nationalities, economic levels, as well as the size of their needs.
  • Also, the shopping centers in Antalya are distinguished by the presence of permanent offers and discounts on all merchandise and offered goods.
  • Of course, there are multiple places to buy gifts and souvenirs at the cheapest prices, in addition to the availability of clothes and accessories and all that is related to Turkish heritage for viewing, experimenting or purchasing.
  • Malls are also popular with cinemas, banking services, travel and tourism agencies, childcare services and entry for people with special needs to enjoy shopping.
  • Other shopping centers in Antalya enjoy other services such as weavers, hairdressers, lost and lost service, and relaxing arenas.
  • The proliferation of artistic or recreational activities in commercial centers or Antalya markets is among the predominant features of consumer groups, which include shopping centers and popular markets.

Megros Antalya wholesale markets

  • Mall Migros Antalya is characterized by being located in a distinctive tourist area, which is the region of (Konya Alti), as its area extends to nearly 85 thousand square meters.
  • The mall’s shops and stores will last for approximately 12 hours. It begins work at ten in the morning and ends at ten in the evening.
  • Turkish clothing stores are spread in Mall Migros, which is characterized as being one of the most desirable types of clothes in the whole world, and there is also a distinguished presence for sportswear that fall under the most famous international brands.
  • There are also shops for cosmetics, accessories, and children’s clothing, as well as a hyper, and a rest area where water fountains are located.
  • There are international restaurants and cafes in the mall, which can take a break, as well as a mall dedicated space for children’s games with their parents.
  • There are Mall Migros in Antalya cinema, hairdresser, travel agencies, dressmakers, child care rooms, wheelchair seating areas as well as their own toilets. There is also a parking space, and plenty of seating and comfort.
  • Mall Migros is concerned with the presence of an information and inquiries office, a destination responsible for lost items, electronic banking machines, and telephones, as well as a clothes drying service and a taxi rental service.

The availability of these services and more in a Turkish country such as Antalya provides an opportunity for tourists to roam with confidence and learn about the distinct cultural aspects enjoyed by the commercial centers in Turkey.


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