Halal restaurants in Beijing, the capital of China, are one of the most important urban areas in China for traffic and tourism. A range of holiday destinations that attract travelers from everywhere around the world.

Halal restaurants in Beijing:

Gobao Yuan Restaurant in Beijing:

The Gobao Yuan Restaurant is one of the most important and most famous halal restaurants in Beijing. The Gobao Yuan Restaurant is the largest Islamic gathering in Beijing. It is worth noting that the Gobao Yuan Restaurant is famous for its hamburger dishes and delicious cut lamb tablets. It is customary that it uses sesame to make sauce and refreshments The costs are a little high in this restaurant. Because of the popularity of this restaurant and it is one of the most important restaurants in Beijing, you must book the seats you want early. Telephone: 83545602 Working hours: daily from 11:00 am to o’clock 22:00 pmGobao Yuan Restaurant in BeijingGobao Yuan Restaurant in Beijing

Xinjiang Restaurant:

Xinjiang is one of the best halal restaurants in Beijing. Through this restaurant you can enjoy ready-made flame, lamb kebabs and grilled sheep legs using an unusual technique of flavor using milk, which gives it the taste and taste to try. The restaurant additionally offers chicken and vegetable bubbles (try not to cook with wines) colored pepper must be booked early, especially at the end of the weekAddress: Urumqi 1Billioffice, Tsuktanguan Taji, Sichuan, BeijingOpening from 09.00 to 21.00Xinjiang restaurantXinjiang restaurant

Bailoli Restaurant:

Baylaoi Restaurant serves authentic Uygur cuisine in Singing, called Mongolian dishes and crunchy sheep. Address: No. 18 East Gongwansong Road, Haidian District, Beijing, open from 11:00 to 23:00Bailoli RestaurantBailoli Restaurant

Ettry Cao Rudi:

Kao Ruji Restaurant is located in the famous Chai Hai district towards Yandeng Bridge, which is famous for barbecue dishes and steamed baking dishes with lamb and sesame. Address: No. 14 Dong Yan, Xianhai, Dianmenui Da Ji, Sichuan, Beijing, opens from 06.00 to 23.00Ettri Cao RudiEttri Cao Rudi

Degwan Restaurant:

Among the restaurants scattered around the Xinjiang office in Beijing, halal food is served from meat, bread, various sauces and yogurt from the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in western China. Address: Sanli Road is, Hayden, Beijing close to the workplace of Xinjiang open from 07:00 to 10: 30Djoan RestaurantDijuan RestaurantRead also: Best hotels in Beijing, China .. 4 and 5 stars Guests are satisfied with it

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