Halal restaurants in Pattaya, Thailand .. Pattaya is one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand and Arab travelers give you a guide to the best halal restaurants in it.

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Halal restaurants in Pattaya, Thailand.

Halal restaurants in Pattaya, ThailandHalal restaurants in Pattaya, Thailand The coastal city of Pattaya, Thailand is famous for its numerous services that are provided to Arabs, as there are many Arab restaurants, where the number reaches more than 20 restaurants that provide the best types of Halal Arabic food, as well as there are many restaurants, both Turkish, Iranian and Indian, for any approach to Arab food and delicious as well. There are Thai Muslim restaurants that offer delicious delicious Halal Thai dishes. Thai food is one of the world-famous cuisine and Thai restaurants are found in all countries of the world and Pattaya abounds in many Arab restaurants.

Abu Abdullah …

Abu Abdullah ...
Abu Abdullah… one of the best halal restaurants in Pattaya, provides delicious and delicious Arabic food at affordable prices and appropriate for all, as it is characterized by providing tasty food.

Old Gulf Rose Restaurant ..

Old Gulf Rose RestaurantOld Gulf Flower RestaurantThe restaurant offers all Arabic food that roams in your mind from the three meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner and also Thai cuisine as they have Arabic sessions and tables sessions that may be considered the first, best and safe option for new visitors to Pattaya to its location near the famous VC Restaurant, also it is characterized by splendor And the beauty of its decorations and tools. Also, most of its foods are distinguished by its pasta in addition to soups, especially chicken soup.

Abu Nawas Restaurant ..

One of the best halal restaurants in Pattaya, the restaurant offers many Arabic dishes, and there is also a café, which is an Egyptian person. There are also some Turkish halal restaurants in Pattaya, including A la Turca Pattaya, located on the fifth floor of the Central Festival Mall, as it is A very famous kitchen in the world.

Indian By Nature ..

Indian By NatureIndian By Nature There is an excellent Indian restaurant that serves exquisite meals on the two jumines, frequented by a large number of customers.

Palace Restaurant ..

This restaurant is characterized by food and fresh and delicious food, as well as a high degree of cleanliness, and has a team of the highest level of distinctive service provided to customers, and works to provide most of the Arab halal food for Arabs and Muslims.

Happy cow ..

Happy cow Happy cow offers meat and vegetarian options available, as well as provides Indian and international food. The restaurant is located between the pedestrian street and the second road, west of the Arab corner. The restaurant contains comfortable sessions, and offers many alternatives to Arabic and Indian cuisine, and many varied and multiple vegetables with curry. Hummus and others besides Rice, salads, and different types of fruits such as watermelon. The restaurant was previously called Diwan.

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