Thai Airways (TG) has been the national airline of the Thai peninsula since 1957, a founding member of the Star Air Alliance and one of the leading airlines around the world.
Thai Airways has an evolving fleet of aircraft that traverses 4 continents around the world in addition to the Far and Middle East regions, starting from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, which is the main operations center for the Thai airline whose administrative building is located in the capital Bangkok.
To learn about the most important advantages and services provided by Thai Airways and the most common questions about its dealings with customers, you can follow the article.

Thai Airways

Features of Thai Airways

Thai Airways has a range of benefits that attract thousands of customers on its domestic and international flights compared to other international airlines and also succeed in gaining their confidence and satisfaction, such as:
• A state-of-the-art modern fleet of aircraft with up to 100 of the latest Airbus and Boeing aircraft, managed by trained flight crew and hospitality crew at the highest level, with periodic maintenance to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.
Elegant lounge lounges at Bangkok International Airport offer the ultimate in calm and relaxation with massages, delicious meals, leisure and business space.
• Welcome meals and drinks, with a variety of dishes and drinks during the trip, consistent with the time, duration and degree of travel.
Entertainment facilities and networks with hundreds of diverse content ideal for adults and children, with class games for children of all ages, an online magazine and an on-site shopping website.
• Comfortable, spacious, individual seats with sleep, relaxation and work facilities, free toiletries and personal care.
• Easy to book, manage and manage the Thai Aviation Loyalty Program account via the airline’s website, with the ease of purchasing and redeeming tickets.
• Providing after-travel services such as hotel reservations, transportation to / from the airport and car rental.

Onboard services

Thai Airways provides a range of high-level services on board its aircraft in order to gain the trust, loyalty and satisfaction of its customers, such as:

the food

Thai Airways offers its passengers on various grades and destinations a variety of delicious meals that vary according to the degree and length of the trip and are dominated by the traditional local character.
Thai flight meals include welcome meals and drinks such as caviar and tropical juices, snacks and appetizers, seasonal main courses of fresh ingredients, desserts and fresh fruits and various cheeses, hot drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and juices.
This is served by the highest-ranking hospitality crew and professional chefs with presentation, presentation and elegant time.


Thai Airways offers a variety of entertainment content to suit different ages and tastes such as 130 movies and 300 TV programs on demand video, in addition to 500 music tracks, video games indexed by age groups from 3 years and up to 21 years, with a magazine Electronic local tourist sawasdee)).


Thai Airways aircraft offer passengers of varying sizes of screens, modern headphones, charge-free wireless Internet access when purchasing a ticket, individual seats as a bed, and sleep and relaxation facilities, power supply and USB connection.

the shopping

Thai Airways provides its travelers with shopping services through its website. You can purchase any duty-free duty-free goods such as gifts, toys, bags, accessories, women’s and men’s clothing and kitchenware while you are on board, and enjoy discounts of up to 30%.

Travel classes on Thai Airways

Thai Airways provides its customers with 4 classes of travel on its domestic and international flights, which differ in terms of the advantages it offers as follows:

First class property

This degree is provided to its passengers:
الاسترخاء Relaxation services provided by the VIP Lounge of Bangkok International Airport through traditional Thai massage or massage oils.
فسي Spacious cabins combine traditional Thai motifs with an elegant contemporary design, and feature comfortable, fully foldable, spacious recliners and sleeping with cushions, blankets, soft towels and fully-equipped clean bathrooms.
نوم Perfect sleepwear, personal care gadgets and special toiletries for women and men traveling on long trips.
شه Miscellaneous delicacies satisfy all tastes and includes assorted spiced caviar, soups, salads and cheeses as appetizers and welcome meals, then a main dish chosen from several suggestions, in addition to fruits, juices and soft drinks, with special menus on request.
23 23-inch personal screens with modern headphones to follow hundreds of cinematic, programmatic and musical content, as well as a series of favorite video games.
اللاسلكي Wireless internet services to start business and follow social networks on your personal devices during the trip.

Business class (silk)

This degree is provided to its passengers:
خاص A special onboard suite provides fully comfortable, fully individual seats, cushions and blankets for reclining and sleeping, with additional legroom, head and back support, as well as desk space for business with USB and other charging devices.
✓ Clean and comfortable bathrooms with men’s and women’s toiletries and soles for travelers on long and continental trips.
✓ A welcome, iced drink, hearty meals of appetizers, salads, light and main dishes that often go with the destination, in addition to fresh fruits, juices, sweets, and hot and cold drinks.
شخصية Personal screen 15 to 16 inches to follow the various entertainment contents, with TV networks on demand.

Economy class

This class is provided to its passengers:
واسعة Comfortable, spacious seats with extra legroom, plus cushions, blankets, ear plugs and an eye mask for long-haul travelers, with clean, spacious bathrooms.
✓ Snacks for short-haul travelers and hot main meals for medium to long-haul travelers.
رائعة Great local Thai meals with international options based on seasonal ingredients obtained from the Royal Thai Farms, as well as appetizers, fresh fruits or desserts, with a varied selection of hot and cold drinks throughout the trip.
لاسلكي Wireless Internet and personal screens on the plane to browse the Internet and social networks and follow-up of various entertainment and documentary contents translated into several languages, in addition to children’s books and video games directed to different age groups up to the age of 21 years.

Silver Plus / Orchid Royal Plus Members

They are the people who participate in the loyalty program offered by Thai Airways to its frequent travelers, and they are provided with:
✓ Free flights and distances on Thai Airways.
التسجيل Priority of registration, boarding and entering the executive hall at the departure and arrival airports, which are served by Thai Airways.
✓ Upgrade your class and get more mileage with every flight on Thai Airways International.
✓ Shop through the Thai Duty Free website by replacing the miles saved with an endless number of goods.

Thailand Thai travel destinations

Thai Airways provides flights to 75 destinations in about 20 countries around the world, the most important of which are:
Thai Airways flights to / from Bangkok
Thai flights to / from Phuket
Thai Airways flights to / from Dubai
Thai Airways flights to / from Muscat
Flights Thailand to / from Mumbai
Thai Airways flights to / from Paris
Thai Airways flights to / from London
Thai Airways flights to / from Zurich
Thai Airways flights to / from Los Angeles
Thai Airways flights to / from Kuala Lumpur

Thai airline tickets booking

Through the website of Thailand Airlines, you can book and buy your e-ticket and easily choose your seat and meals on their flights, in addition to managing your reservation in terms of confirmation and activation, amend and change its data, or change the route or timing of your flight taking into account the price difference.
Through the site you can also rent a car or book a room / hotel suite and organize your tours in the destination country, organize the transfer process to and from the airport, buy extra weights for your luggage, follow up on promotional offers and manage your personal account on the Royal Plus Orchid program.
Thai Airways also provides local agent offices around the world, with a contact center to manage Thai flight reservations away from the website.

Air Thailand and baggage policy

The Thai Airways baggage policy varies with its passengers, depending on the type of domestic or international flight, destination and class of travel as follows:

Domestic trips

Thai Airways allows its Business Class (Royal Silk) passengers to carry free 40 kg luggage.
Economy class and Economy Class passengers are permitted to carry free luggage of 30 kg.
Gold Star and Royal Plus Orchid Alliance members who hold Platinum Cards carry free 20 kg luggage on Thai Airways flights.
Infants and members of the Royal Plus Orchid program who hold silver cards share the same free weight of 10 kg.
Note that the mentioned weights are the maximum total baggage weights.

International flights to all destinations except Canada and the United States

Thai Airways allows its Royal First Class passengers to carry free luggage with a weight of 50 kg, while Royal Silk Airlines and Economy Class passengers carry free luggage with a maximum of 40 kg.
Economy class passengers are allowed to carry free luggage with a weight of 30 kg, while members of the Golden Star Alliance and Royal Orchid Plus Platinum carry free luggage of 20 kg.
For infants and members of the Royal Plus Silver Orchid, the total amount of their belongings is up to a maximum of 10 kg.

International flights to Canada and the United States

The free baggage allowed to be carried from / to the destinations of the two countries is calculated according to the piece system and not the weight as follows:
Air Thailand allows its first and business class passengers to carry two pieces of free luggage with a weight of 32 kg and a total dimensions of 158 cm for each piece, while Economy Class passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of luggage with a weight of 23 kg and a total dimensions of 158 cm for a piece.
As for infants, they are allowed one piece, weighing 23 kg, with a total dimension of 115 cm.
The mentioned weights may differ from time to time, in which case the company will clarify the permissible weights for the passenger to the extent of his travel during booking.

Summary of customer reviews

Thai Airways got 4/5 on Tripadvisor to book and rate flights, based on reviews and comments of 13276 people who had traveled through Thai Airways.

common questions

This section answers the most common questions that could be on your mind about Thai Airways and was not mentioned during the article, such as:

When can I book my flight on Thai Airways?

You can book Thailand Air, at least 11 months before your travel, and up to 6 hours before.

How many people can I book with the same reservation number on Thai Airways flights?

You can book up to a maximum of 9 people on the same reservation number, except for unaccompanied minor children or people who need additional seats, such as patients traveling on a stretcher, for example, when it is required to return to a Thai Airways office.

What is the maximum time to buy my ticket on Thai Airways flights? What are the payment methods available?

If you intend to purchase your ticket from a local Thai Airways office in the country of departure, you can do so 5 days before the flight is due.
For domestic or departure trips from Thailand, you can pay your ticket through local and international credit cards, ATMs or direct debits from the bank account in local banks inside Thailand only, one to two days before the trip.

How can I get my e-ticket?

After you purchase the e-ticket including fees and taxes on the Thai International Airlines website, you will receive text messages on the mobile phone number available to the company to confirm your reservation, along with other messages in your e-mail with the payment receipt and ticket number.

How can I cancel my reservation for a Thai flight?

You can do this by contacting one of Thailand’s flight reservation offices, knowing that not attending according to the scheduled flight schedule means that the company cancels your upcoming reservations automatically.
Upon canceling the reservation, your money is returned to the credit card or purchases through which you purchased your ticket.

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