There are several halal restaurants in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, most of which are Arab and Muslim citizens, and it means providing halal food menus from various international kitchens. In this article, we review the best restaurants that serve halal food in Tbilisi, which is intended by many Arab travelers for tourism and recreation.

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Halal restaurants in Tbilisi

Beirut Pasha Restaurant, in Tbilisi

The first Arab-Lebanese halal restaurant in Tbilisi, you will find most Lebanese dishes, Arabic food and grills. The restaurant is run by a Lebanese chef by Chef Abu Afif as his companions call him. We rate the restaurant highly 4.7 out of 5.0 which indicates the quality of the food and service.

Title :

18 Ivane Machabeli St, T’bilisi 0105, Georgia, Telephone: 00995 574 66 66 54

Asian Cuisine Tbilisi Restaurant

As it appears from the name of the restaurant, it is specialized in providing Asian food, especially Indian, Thai and Indonesian, as well as serving vegetarian dishes. Despite the small size of the restaurant, it has high ratings from Arab travelers, where the food is described as a high degree of quality in addition to the cleanliness of the place and friendly treatment. Food delivery service and cash on delivery. Restaurant address. | # 2 (Near Pushkin 25), Tbilisi 0105, Georgia, Phone + 995 597 70 66 11Halal restaurants in Tbilisi

Deniz Turkish Restaurant

There are not many halal restaurants in Tbilisi that serve Turkish cuisine, so the “Deniz Turkish” restaurant is a suitable place for those looking for this type of food. The restaurant offers Turkish dishes, seafood, Mediterranean varieties, Eastern and European cuisine. The restaurant is modest in terms of design and space but it offers Good prices for the three meals. Delivery and payment service is available at the restaurant and works daily from eight in the morning until midnight. Address: David Agmasenebeli ave | 107, Tbilisi 00112, Georgia Tel: +995 593 98 27 83

Halal Inn Restaurant

The “Halal Inn” restaurant in Tbilisi mainly serves Indian food and maybe some Asian dishes sometimes. The restaurant features many services such as free internet (Wi-Fi), delivery service, Take Away, and advance reservation. There is also street parking, parking Certified, TV, Accept American Express, Accept MasterCard, Accept Visa. The restaurant operates from ten in the morning daily until ten in the evening. Address: Q.Tsamebuli ave 10, Tbilisi 0110, Georgia Tel: 995593444506Halal restaurants in Tbilisi

Amira Restaurant

If you are looking for halal restaurants in Tbilisi that mainly serve Arabic food, then you should be your destination to “Amira” restaurant. The restaurant offers Lebanese specialties and oriental food in general for meals and dinner only. The restaurant is characterized by its location and the presence of special places for families and the possibility of pre-reservation of tables and service is also available Delivery. The restaurant operates on a daily basis from eleven in the morning until one after midnight. Address:
Mosashvili Street 24, Tbilisi, Georgia, Phone + 995 599 17 96 99

Pizzaspectra restaurant

If you are a pizza fan and looking for a restaurant that serves halal food in Tbilisi, you can visit this restaurant. The restaurant offers pizza the way you like Mediterranean, European, Middle Eastern, Egyptian and provides external delivery service. Address: 27 Vazah Pshavela Street, Tbilisi, Georgia +995 597 79 13 10

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