How many hours from Riyadh to Mecca

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How many hours from Riyadh to Mecca

The cities of Riyadh and Mecca are located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the city of Riyadh is located on the longitude 46.72185 and the latitude 24.6877, and rises by 612 meters above sea level, while the city of Mecca is located on the longitude 39.85791 and latitude 21.38908, and rises by 302 meters above the surface level The sea, and the distance between the cities of Jeddah and Riyadh is equivalent to 493 miles, or approximately 793 kilometers, the journey will take 88 minutes if a medium-speed plane of 560 miles is used to travel between the two cities.


Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the largest city in it. It is located in the center of Saudi Arabia closer to its east, on a sedimentary plateau in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula, between longitudes 43 and 46 degrees east, and latitude 34 and 38 degrees north, and rises approximately 600 meters above the level of The surface of the sea, according to statistics in 2010, Riyadh is home to more than 5.2 million people, 60% of them are almost non-citizens, and Riyadh is one of the largest Arab cities in terms of area, and one of the fastest expanding cities in the world, and the city’s history dates back to Hajar Al-Yamamah City, which has its origin The tribe of Tasim and Jadis.


Mecca is located in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at an altitude of 909 feet, equivalent to 277 meters above sea level, and is home to 1,534,731 people, according to estimates by the year 2010 AD, and Mecca has a special importance in the Islamic religion, as it is the holiest Islamic city due to the birth Our master Muhammad, peace be upon her, being the kiss of Muslims, and the place where they perform the Hajj, and it is worth noting that non-Muslims are not allowed to enter Mecca because of its sanctity.


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