Hawaiian Islands

المسافرون العرب

Hawaiian Islands

It is an archipelago consisting of eight main islands, many coral islands, and small islands in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, and reaches a length of 2,400 kilometers from the southern part to the far north, which are exposed volcanic peaks from the mountain range of the Great Sea, known as the mountain range The Hawaiian Navy Emperor, was formed by volcanic activity.

Climate of the Hawaiian Islands

The islands are affected by the tropical climate with many multiple climates, as they receive most of the commercial winds from the northern and eastern sides on the mountain tops, while the coastal areas are less rainy, drier, and they receive rain during the winter from October to a month. April, and the summer is during the period from May to September, and the opportunity is prepared for tropical storms during November.

Hawaiian Islands environments

The islands contain many types of plants and animals endemic to the region seventy million years ago, and this is before the appearance of man. With the emergence of people on the islands, they brought in many plants and animals, such as: mice and pigs, and with an increase in the population there, the forests deteriorated, and the pastures, and the Europeans practiced many activities such as agriculture, and grazing the walk, and this led to the aggravation of deforestation and the development of cities.

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Tsunami waves

The islands are vulnerable to many tsunami waves coming from their sides, and these waves cause earthquakes everywhere in the parts of the islands in particular, and the Pacific in general, and their speed ranges from 600 to 800 kilometers per hour, and Molka Island has suffered many catastrophic avalanches of ice since millions of The years, while Hilo Island is the most affected by these waves, and the losses of each wave reach more than one million US dollars.

Major Hawaiian Islands

  • Hawaii: It is the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, with a total area of ​​10,430 square kilometers, with more than two hundred thousand inhabitants.
  • Maui: Its area reaches 1883 square kilometers, and more than 150 thousand people live on it, and it is considered one of the most important tourist islands because it contains black sand beaches, waterfalls, and many tourist services.
  • Ohio: Covering an area of ​​1545.5 square kilometers, it contains many tourist sites, such as: Aloha Tower, Honolulu Museum of Art, North Shore, Pearl Harbor, and Temple Garden.
  • Kauai: Contains many important sites, such as: Allerton Park, ferns cave, Hobby Falls, and Muir Gardens.
  • Molokai.
  • Anai.
  • Oulu Khao.
  • Lana.
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