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The geographical location of Phuket Island

Phuket Island is located in the city of Thailand, and is located between a longitude of 98.40 degrees, and a latitude of 7.89 degrees, and rises 28 meters from the sea level, and its population reaches approximately 89,072 people, with an area of ​​about 534 square kilometers, and the presence of the island is indicated in Andaman Sea is opposite the western coast of the Malay Peninsula.

Historical background about Phuket Island

The foundation of the island of Phuket dates back to the first hundred BC, and it is reported that its establishment was at the hands of the Indian colonists, and in the sixteenth century European merchants began trading on the island, and both Siamese and Burma raced during the wars of the eighteenth century to control the island, and in the nineteenth century was The region was merged and annexed to Thailand, and Malaysia named Ujong Salang (Cape Salang) in Bukit Island, while the European peasants named it Junkceylon. The island witnessed a tourist development during the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century, and in December of 2004 was destroyed Parts of the island coast; because of the tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean.

What is Phuket Island famous for?

Phuket Island is famous for the following facts:

  • The island was one of the major tin mining areas in the city of Thailand.
  • The island is currently experiencing an unprecedented tourist activity.
  • The island is known for producing rubber, coconut, and pepper.
  • The Chinese and Thais represent the main inhabitants of the island. It is noteworthy that the Chinese are the island’s inhabitants since ancient times.
  • The island’s importance stems from its being a major port and a commercial center.
  • The island’s port exports: tin, rubber, coal, wood and fish products.
  • The island imports rice and other manufactures.
  • Predominantly Phuket is a flat ground.

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