Helpful tips to enjoy a great beach walk

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If you decide to go for a walk on a beach during the summer season, you must do several things that ensure you enjoy your beach picnic without disturbing you with the high heat in the summer or other annoying things such as losing or stealing your personal belongings while going swimming in the sea, things like this can spoil a beach walk Great turning it into a terrible experience.

Learn about several helpful tips to help you enjoy a great beach walk:

1- Bring with you baby powder. And that is until you get rid of the sand sticking to your skin after you go swimming and sitting with a wet body on the beach, by rubbing the talc of the talc on your skin and immediately after that you will find the talcum powder that removes the sand sticking to your skin.

2- Protect your mobile phone by placing it in a sealed plastic bag: The sealed plastic bag protects your mobile phone from water and sand, and it also protects it from loss, so you will not have to leave your mobile phone in your car or hotel room when you go to the beach, and you can also carry your camera in a sealed plastic bag.

3- Make sure to hide your valuable items: Keep the sunscreen containers cream boxes until you keep your keys and money in them, or you can hide them in diaper packages, as these places no one will search for your personal items in, and this will protect them from theft.

4- When you take off your shoes, make sure to place them upside down so that the shoes are not exposed to sunlight, and the surface of the inner shoe becomes hot and becomes irritating when wearing it.

5- Use yogurt to treat sunburn: Use yogurt or aloe vera oil to treat sunburn, and you can use it in emergency situations, and perhaps it will be best to use this remedy in your home and after you leave the beach.

6- Fight mosquitoes with baby oil: If you want an inexpensive alternative to protect your skin from mosquito bites instead of chemical products that smell repellent to insects, you should use baby oil on your skin, this type of oil will not expel mosquitoes but it will prevent it from getting close to your skin and thus will protect yourself from mosquito bites.

7- Sew some pockets in your beach towel: Placing extra pockets in the beach towel makes it an extra place to store your things you need to reach quickly, especially if your bag is stuffy.

8- If you want to lighten your hair highlights Naturally and without the need to spend a lot of money in beauty salons, you should add lemon juice to the strands of your hair before going straight to the beach. Strong sunlight in the summer season usually gives the effect of lightening treatments, but by adding lemon juice to your hair strands, this effect of the sun’s rays will be multiplied. .

9- Place adhering dry, thin sheets dry between your clothes in your garment bag: Moisture-absorbing dry leaves will not only keep clothes from moisture and protect the fabric, but will also repel insects, and this will bring you double benefit.

10- Make sure to bring iced tea and coconut oil with you during your beach trip: Iced tea will not only protect you from dehydration from eating it, but it will also help to relieve the pain of sunburn when applied to sunburn. If you do not like frizzy hair due to sea water and heat, you can put coconut oil and a little water in a spray box, then spray. You spray it on your hair, you can also add a little lemon to them.

Helpful tips to enjoy a great beach walk - Helpful tips to enjoy a great beach walk

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Wonderful beach stroll

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Enjoy the sea

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Helpful tips to enjoy a great beach walk


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