A report on Dubai, old and new, as the United Arab Emirates is made up of several varied emirates, including the emirates of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but in particular, the city of Dubai has a very big place between the Emirates, it is very famous and the area of ​​Dubai is 4.114 square kilometers, i.e. it is equivalent to approximately five percent From the area of ​​the United Arab Emirates, the climate of Dubai city is very wonderful in the summer. There, the weather is hot but humid because of the winds and temperatures in summer by 40 degrees Celsius during the day, but it decreases at night to reach thirty degrees Celsius only. Also, in winter, the atmosphere of Dubai city is very wonderful, it is warm and sunny The temperature is 24 degrees Celsius by day and it drops to fourteen degrees Celsius at night which makes it a wonderful tourist destination for everyone, we will get to know the history of the development of the entire city of Dubai and its stages of development from the economy, culture, education, tourism and others in this article.

How did Dubai evolve?

Dubai City originated in the thirties in the nineteenth century, specifically in 1833 AD and the Emirati city of Dubai is located on the shore of a natural port and this port is called the rocks and it extends for about ten full miles and therefore it is considered the best ports in the Gulf, and with the turn of the twentieth century Dubai became a very famous port and became a number Its population is approximately twenty thousand people. Sheikh Maktoum was very skilled in managing the tribe there. Then the tribes came from Baniyas in general and after the various tribes of the city of Dubai. Then the population grew and became more and more day by day.

The development of services in Dubai

Public services have undergone a major radical development in Dubai throughout history, as Dubai has not stopped on the same pattern that it was living in, but has tried to evolve and keep pace with the ages until it overcame all obstacles, as a political, economic and cultural development also occurred, as it was a very small town with some Fishermen have evolved to become the largest commercial centers in the Middle East, but the world as a whole. The city of Dubai has evolved from a simple and small community to a large and fast-growing society and prosperous the whole world with successive successes and unexpected successive development.

Education in Dubai

In the past, the city of Dubai had a group of different schools, which is one of the best schools in that period, which is the Ahmadiyya School and the peace, happiness, prosperity and education was not different in the school system in the city of Dubai from the rest of the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, the official language was Arabic and the second language there She was English.

Economy in the city of Dubai

The emirate of Dubai is one of the most important economic cities in the United Arab Emirates, and this is after the huge development experienced by the city of Dubai, so the number of investments has increased and there have been many huge and distinctive economic projects. In the past 2011, Dubai recorded a very huge development in its economy that was not expected, and statistics confirm The modern city of Dubai recorded a significant growth in the tourism, manufacturing and aluminum sectors, and there are a large number of major international companies in Dubai that contributed to building the current Dubai city.

Projects in the emirate of Dubai

Dubai was interested in economic growth, which made it develop rapidly throughout history to become what it is today in the economic field. There is a large group of projects in the city of Dubai such as Al Maktoum International Airport, as well as Khiran, the Arab Channel, Dubai City, which is related to exhibitions, Mohammed bin Rashid City, Jumeirah Lake Towers and Gulf Business There is the cultural village and Dubai Marina.

Tourist attractions in the Emirate of Dubai

There are a variety of tourist attractions in Dubai, as the Emirate of Dubai is a luxury tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world. There are various beaches in Dubai and very prosperous gardens and some museums, which gives them great cultural and touristic value. There is also a festival in Dubai every year since 1996 AD that has issued guests The state of Saudi Arabia resides in hotels in Dubai, and this past 2011 AD, the number was 873 thousand Saudi inmates in Dubai and India came in second place with 702 thousand inmates. The final number of tourists in Dubai reached about 3.2 million tourists.



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