How far is Fethiye from Istanbul

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The distance between Fethiye and Istanbul

The distance between Fethiye and Istanbul is 303 miles; equivalent to 487 km. Thus, an average plane with a speed of 560 miles takes 54 minutes to travel the distance between the two cities. It is worth noting that Fethiye and Istanbul are located in Turkey, Fethiye is located on the longitude 29.11639, and the latitude 36.62167, eight meters above sea level, while Istanbul is on the longitude 28.97836, latitude 41.00824, and forty meters above sea level.


Fethiye is located in southwestern Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea, which is the same location as the ancient Lycian city of Temesus whose coffins dating back to the fifth and fourth century BC remain, and rock tombs. Also, the city includes a Byzantine castle located on top of a hill near Fethiye. The city is home to 84,053 people, according to 2013 estimates, and Fethiye has a port that is a major outlet for minerals and wood in the region, and just as the remote areas of the city mainly carry out mining of vineyards, it is worth noting that the city was subjected to a devastating earthquake in 1958 AD, so it was rebuilt A large portion of it has become Most of them are new.


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, and it is also the fifth largest city in the world in terms of population. In 2016, the population reached 14.6 million, of whom 43,000 were foreigners, and 28% of their origins are from the same city of Istanbul. The city is located northwest of Turkey between The Black Sea and Marmara Sea, on the Bosphorus waterway, and this strategic location made it the commercial center in Europe, and historically it is believed that Istanbul has been inhabited since the year three thousand BC.


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