Dear tourist, knows the cost of tourism in Turkey, planning to travel to any country requires first knowing the costs of travel, which includes the ticket and hotel accommodation, in addition to knowing the cost of transportation and eating meals in restaurants, all of these things require knowledge and on the basis of which the necessary budget is determined.
Turkey has been able in recent years to draw the world’s attention to it due to its attractive and varied tourist attractions, including museums, mosques, forests, gardens and beaches, and the best times that you can visit Turkey is between May, that is, the spring until October, which is the fall season, and in Arab travelers will show you all the details required to travel to.

The cost of tourism in Turkey


Turkey joins the list of countries that require obtaining a visa in order to enter it, and the price varies from one country to another, and its price is estimated for a Saudi citizen of about 75 Saudi riyals, and its validity is valid for a period of three months, and can be obtained electronically with ease through the official website of the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Travel Tickets

  • In order to get a suitable ticket price for a travel ticket, it is best for you to start early with the reservation of the ticket, and its prices start from $ 400, or 1500 Saudi riyals.
  • There are many airlines that offer excellent offers for airline tickets. For example, you can book a ticket at Saudi Arabian Airlines, or you can get the ticket through Turkish airlines such as Atlas Jet or Pegasus.

Important note: To get the best flight ticket price, you can see ticket prices for different companies and start comparing them.

Hotel accommodation

  • Hotel accommodation rises dramatically in tourism seasons. If you go to a four-star hotel, you will find that the price of a double room is 300 Saudi riyals ($ 80) in normal times, while in tourist seasons it rises to 450 Saudi riyals ($ 120) ).
  • There are other factors that control the price of accommodation in hotels, including the location itself. Hotels in the heart of the city and in vital areas with lots of markets and all other services have a high price of residence. As for if there is a hotel on the outskirts of the city and in non-vital areas, you will find the price of accommodation Low.
  • In the case of staying in hotel apartments, the cost of one day of stay amounts to $ 150 in the summer season and $ 120 in the winter season.
  • Accommodation in five-star hotels reaches $ 200 in the summer season and the rest of the year reach $ 150. In the case of staying in 3-star hotels, prices start from $ 80 in the summer and $ 40 in the rest of the year.


  • Turkey is characterized by providing all types of public transportation that cover all parts of the country, and therefore you will find that it is experiencing great congestion, especially in public buses or the subway because of its cheap costs, where the cost of the ride reaches 75 Saudi riyals (20 dollars).
  • In the case of renting a car with a driver, the cost will reach $ 130, and if it is without a driver, the cost may reach approximately $ 50, which is a non-fuel cost, and it varies from one vehicle to another according to its type.


  • Due to the great demand that Turkey is witnessing from tourists from all over the world, restaurants in Turkey are spread all over the country and are divided into: high-end restaurants – medium restaurants – popular restaurants.
  • If you go to high-end restaurants, the prices of their food are more expensive compared to other restaurants, and these restaurants are characterized by being located in excellent locations for tourist attraction.
  • As for medium restaurants, it is the perfect choice for those looking to save on their expenses, and it offers food at reasonable prices besides it is characterized by providing a high level of quality food, service and hygiene.
  • As for the cheapest restaurants in Turkey, they are popular restaurants specialized in providing the most famous and best traditional Turkish cuisine such as Turkish shawarma, Iskander kebab, meat with dough, and the price of one meal reaches about 25 Saudi riyals.

Important instructions while traveling to Turkey

  • The size of the daily expenses in Turkey varies according to the number of individuals, the daily expense may reach 1150 Saudi riyals if the family consists of at least two or three individuals.
  • It is better for you to learn some basic Turkish words before traveling, as this will greatly help in the ease of communication between you and the Turks in different places.
  • When doing currency exchange, it is best to go to the exchange offices that are spread all over Turkey, which is less expensive than currency exchange at the airport or in your country, besides it does not need to pay any additional fees.

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