How tall is a sphinx?

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The Sphinx is considered one of the largest sculptures in the world, with a length of approximately 73 meters, and the height of this statue is about 20 meters, and it is the body of a lion and a human head decorated with a royal head covering. It was completely painted, and in addition, research and estimates indicate that it took about three years to complete this statue. About 100 workers contributed to it, and it was built using stone hammers and copper chisels.

Great Sphinx site

The Great Sphinx is located near the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. This statue dates back approximately 4,500 years and is considered one of the largest archaeological monuments in the world. It is one of the most ancient monuments known to the ancient Egyptians, and it is a prominent figure in Egyptian and Asian myths. And Greek, and the Sphinx is depicted as a man with a pharaoh, and the most common theories indicate that the Great Sphinx was built for the pharaoh Khafra in the period between 2603-2578 BC, and hieroglyphic texts indicate that Khufu, the father of Khafra built the Great Pyramid, It is considered the largest and oldest pyramids Giza, and when Khafra became Pharaoh he built his own pyramid next to the pyramid of his father.

Information about the Sphinx

The Great Sphinx, the largest preserved statue from the ancient world, can be identified through the following information:

  • The Great Sphinx is located ten kilometers west of Cairo, on the west bank of the Nile.
  • The Sphinx was worshiped by Egyptian rulers as part of the sun god.
  • The Sphinx is located in part of the ancient Memphis Cemetery, which was considered to be the seat of the Pharaonic authority, and a short distance from the great pyramids.
  • It is believed that the sphinx’s head was originally dark red, but has been affected by the wear process over the years, causing the color to disappear.
  • The small temple located between the feet of the Sphinx contains dozens of engraved paintings, which were placed by the Pharaohs in honor of the sun god.
  • The Sphinx is characterized by a strange fact, which is that the private head of the body does not fit with his body, and it is believed that his head was carved several times by later Pharaohs, and it is believed that the head of this statue was originally a falcon’s head or a ram, and then it was transformed and sculpted in the form of a head A mortal later.


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