Important advice for pregnant women before traveling on Eid al-Adha trips

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With the advent of holidays, many Arab families get the opportunity to travel on enjoyable tourist trips and get an unforgettable memory associated with the holiday and its joy.

And because a pregnant woman is entitled to enjoy traveling and have a comfortable and relaxing vacation, there are tips for a pregnant woman to follow to ensure her safety during the tourist trip and to ensure that she has fun and fun.

Permanent movement

When traveling by plane, the pregnant woman must not stay in place for a long time, but must move from time to time to move the blood circulation and avoid swollen legs.

Choose a suitable seat

The carrier must notify the airline of its carrier in order to be able to choose a seat on the plane in the front seats instead of the rear seats because the front seats are less concussive in takeoff and landing.

Choose comfortable clothes

You must choose clothes that are suitable for travel and comfortable to fit the pregnant woman and do not cause her distress or swelling, as it is preferable to stay away from shoes with high heels and shoes narrow.

Avoid nausea troubles

If the pregnant woman is in the stage of nausea accompanying the pregnancy, you must take the medication prescribed by the doctor before leaving the house, and you should get a snack such as biscuit chips every few hours to avoid acidity and nausea.

Drinking fluids

A pregnant woman should keep a bottle of water with her everywhere as long trips cause fatigue and a lack of minerals accompanying dehydration due to the low humidity level on airplanes and are symptoms that may be dangerous for a pregnant woman.

Avoid bulging foods

Attention must be paid to the quality of food that a pregnant woman consumes in the few days prior to travel, as some of these foods may cause them to swell and trouble such as swelling, especially with the air pressure inside the plane.

Wear a seat belt

Despite the hatred of pregnant women to wear a seat belt while traveling by plane and car, experts recommend that it is always worn as it protects the fetus from severe frustration in bumps or sudden stops.

Avoid dangerous destinations

Pregnant women should avoid destinations where there are doubts about the presence of epidemics, as well as destinations that are very hot or very cold in order not to expose themselves and the fetus to risks.

Keep a medical report for your health condition

A full medical report should be kept in the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus for emergencies and troubles, as the attending physician at your tourist destination can help you faster with the availability of information.

Not carrying out violent activities

You should not risk a pregnant woman to engage in any violent activity during her tourist trip, even if she has fitness, as violent activities such as diving, jogging, dancing and others should be avoided.

Important advice for pregnant women before traveling on Eid al Adha - Important advice for pregnant women before traveling on Eid al-Adha trips


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