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Tourism in Indonesia

The country of Indonesia includes a large group of islands, in addition to its picturesque nature, its beaches, and its wonderful enchanting sands.
Among its most important tourist attractions:

Prambanan Temple

This temple is considered the largest Hindu site in the state of Indonesia, as it is one of the most important sites that attract tourists, as it was established in the mid-nineteenth century.

Raya Mosque, the home of Rahman

The history of the construction of the mosque dates back to the nineteenth century, when its establishment was started in one thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine by the Dutch, and in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty two two domes were added to the mosque, knowing that the mosque is distinguished by its tall minaret, its beautiful white walls, and domes Black wood, as the mosque contains a large square decorated with tiles, and with bishop can be closed, and opened.

Danar Hadi Museum

The Danar Museum is one of the finest and most important mega batik museums in the whole world. The museum houses a large collection of royal, antique, and art pieces located in eleven rooms inside the museum.

Ding Plateau

The plateau is one of the most beautiful natural, cultural and touristic destinations in Indonesia, and it rises about two thousand meters above sea level, as it is distinguished by its natural and mountainous landscapes, in addition to the presence of a lake characterized by its charming colors, a hot spring of water, and a group of ancient Hindu temples.

Komodo national park

The name of the garden belongs to the komodo lizard, as this garden includes three islands: Komodo, Padar and Rinka, all of which have charming views of the beaches. They also have a unique wild environment, a thriving water environment, in addition to its pink sandy beach.

Beaches of Bali

Bali is considered one of the most visited tourist destinations due to its tourist and cultural attractions, and it is also characterized by wonderful picturesque beaches, warm sand, and magical blue water, as it provides an opportunity to enjoy the sea water under the sun’s rays, and the beauty of the landscape Kuta Beach is the most popular beach, in addition to that you can practice surfing, and visit restaurants that spread throughout.


Indonesia is located in the Asian continent, and the city of Jakarta is its official capital, and it is worth noting that Indonesia shares its land borders with a group of countries, namely: Malaysia, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea, noting that the area of ​​Indonesia is about 1,811,570 square kilometers, but in what It is related to the number of its population, reaching approximately 268,267,110 people as of the fourteenth of January 2020.


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