In detail, get to know the most famous historical mosques in Istanbul and among the distinctive and famous mosques, which is the Sultanah Mosque.

Sultanah Mehrama Mosque in Istanbul Asian:

The Sultana Mosque is considered to be one of the best ancient mosques in the Asian end region of Istanbul, and the mosque was named by this name in relation to Sultana, the daughter of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and therefore the mosque was named after her name, and her name meant in Arabic the sun and the moon, and the mosque is located in The Asian end region, specifically in the famous ودsküdar neighborhood, is one of the most important landmarks of the historical city of Istanbul because it dates back to the ages of the Ottoman Empire.

Contents of Istanbul Asian Mosque Sultanah Mosque Mahrama:

  • The mosque is part of a large complex, as the mosque is located next to a hospital next to a school as well, and there is also a large kitchen in the same place.
  • The most important characteristic of the Sultana Mosque is that it contains a large dome, which is centered on four columns and the exterior design of the mosque has been in the form of a distinctive and attractive square from the outside.
  • The mosque includes a large group of windows around the large dome of the mosque, to provide lighting inside the mosque during daylight hours.
  • The Sultanah Mosque also houses a large minbar, which was designed from the finest white marble and has been carved in an attractive and distinctive style.
  • From the outside, the mosque contains many small domes surrounding from each side of the mosque, and this shows the ingenuity of the huge architectural design made by the Ottoman architect Sinan Pasha.
  • The mosque also contains a collection of distinctive inscriptions and ancient Islamic motifs that add to the mosque a distinctive shape, along with water taps made of bright golden color.

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