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Andorra is located in southwestern Europe, which is a tourist country visited annually by almost 10 million tourists, and it is attractive for shopping lovers due to low taxes, and tourism is a major source of income in the country, and attractions in Andorra exhibitions and festivals, beautiful weather, stunning landscapes, churches Romanian, ancient buildings in the villages of Encamp, Santa Coloma, Ordino, not Escaldes, St. Julia de Loria, and other villages.


Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, and it is characterized by museums, a pleasant climate, vast green areas that provide paths for cycling and walking, huge shopping places, and live Indian and Chinese cultures, as it is the language used in it is English, but Singapore is expensive and not suitable for tourists with limited income.


France is ranked as the most visited country in the world, with around 89 million tourists visited in 2020, and one of the most important attractions in France, the capital Paris, where 30 million tourists visit annually to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and Disneyland, which is visited annually by approximately 15 million tourists, and the city The theme parks that are the first tourist destination in Europe, and one of the tourist attractions in France are sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, quiet rural areas, mild weather in winter, and a strategic location where 15-20 million visitors pass through them on their way to other countries.

United State

The United States is one of the major tourist countries in the world; it has many tourist attractions, most important of which are the Hawaiian Islands, Yellowstone, Disneyland in California and Florida, ski resorts in Colorado, New Orleans, Grand Canyon, NASA, the Mississippi River, Las Vegas, California, Texas Gulf Coast, San Francisco, Alaska, New England states, New York City, Florida, and Washington DC.


Tourism in Chile

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