Where is the city of Ramallah located?

المسافرون العرب


Ramallah is one of the Palestinian cities affiliated to the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate Center, and the city is of great importance, as it is the center of the Palestinian politics, the administrative capital and the cultural capital of Palestine, as well as the presidential palace of the Palestinian President, in addition to all ministries, and centers for security, The offices of the Palestinian Authority, with a land area of ​​16.5 km2, rise from the sea level between 830 to 880 meters, and the city was established in the sixteenth century during the days of the Ottoman rule of Palestine.


Ramallah is located geographically in Palestine, specifically in the West Bank on the northern side of the city of Jerusalem, where it is fifteen kilometers from it, as it overlooks the Palestinian coast of the Mediterranean Sea on the western side, and the city is astronomically located on a longitude 35.21167 east of the Greenwich Line, At a latitude of 31.95 north of the equator. The city of Ramallah is characterized by a moderate climate. In winter, it has a rainy climate, and its winds are dry and cold, and in the summer the climate is warm and pleasant, and the 50-year winds blow to the city at the beginning of April.

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Administrative division

Ramallah is divided into a number of neighborhoods and towns, including: Ain Misbah, Al Manara, Al Qastal, Mar Gerges, Expatriates, Jabal, Dar Awad, Al Jadol, Al Suriya, Al Hasasneh, Al Baidar, Al Masif, Dar Jaghb, Al Shaqra, Dar Ibrahim, Port Said , Radio, and industrial zone.


The city of Ramallah has a population of 29,500 thousand, in the year 2007 AD, and the total population of the Ramallah Governorate is 301.296 thousand. The official language of the population is Arabic, and most of the population condemns the Islamic religion, and some minorities condemn the Christian religion.


The economy of Ramallah depends on: the trade in real estate, and the agricultural sector whose main agricultural crops are grapes, olives, figs, the trade sector, and the industrial sector such as: the garment industry, the paper and cardboard industry, the shoe industry, the food industry, and the furniture industry, The pottery industry, the soap industry, the tourism sector, traditional handicrafts, and the private sector such as: restaurants, halls, and hotels.

Ramallah city features

Ramallah has a number of advantages that distinguish it from the Palestinian cities, including:

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  • The multiplicity of cultural activities.
  • Holding seminars, exhibitions, festivals and conferences.
  • The diversity of the socio-cultural fabric.
  • Widening freedom.
  • Theaters.

the landmarks of the city

Among the landmarks of the city of Ramallah:

  • The district headquarters, which is the headquarters of the Palestinian presidency.
  • The Palestinian Legislative Council, which is the parliament represented in the Palestinian territories.
  • Lighthouse roundabout.
  • Alhambra Palace.
  • Jamal Abdul Nasser Mosque.
  • Museum of the late President Yasser Arafat.
  • Our Lady of the Annunciation Church for the Romen Catholics.
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