Istanbul Pasha market is one of the most famous markets that contain many excellent goods, whether Turkish or international, what are the most important features of this popular market? What are his working hours? And when does the market close?

Istanbul Pasha Market Guide:

Istanbul Pasha Market is characterized by a very unique location in the Amineno district, Sultan Ahmed, which is within walking distance of the famous Egyptian spice market on Mahmoud Pasha Street, where Mahmoud Pasha Market is one of the most popular markets in Istanbul and Turkey, and it is crowded all the time thanks to its great popularity as it arrives The locals and tourists should visit it in order to buy all the various things they need, so whatever commodity you are looking for is rare, it will definitely be present in the market.

Advantages of Mahmoud Pasha Market:

  • The market provides visitors with a large variety of excellent Turkish goods, and shops with international brands at amazing competitive prices. It contains many world-famous fashion in addition to accessories and cosmetics.
  • On the market there are various home appliances such as electrical appliances, kitchen appliances, and various household items.
  • It is famous on the market that women’s clothing is available at the best quality, at the lowest price, as well as for children.
  • The Mahmoud Pasha market includes many shops specialized in selling leather bags and shoes, in great quality.

The finest products and the best food dishes:

  • One of the most important features of Mahmoud Pasha market is that it contains a large number of different stores and kiosks, including among them, for the merchandise it offers, as you will find many different materials and brands between Turkish and international.
  • You will find a wide variation in prices from store to store, and you will need to bargain with sellers in order to get what you want at the right price for you. The market is also located in a very vital part of Istanbul, which is Mahmoud Pasha Street, which contains a large number of cafes to relax in if you feel tired after a difficult day in shopping.
  • Also on Mahmoud Pasha Street there are many Turkish restaurants, Arab restaurants and Moroccan restaurants, which are the most delicious dishes at the lowest cost
  • The market is one of the most important factors of tourist attraction in the city thanks to its special nature, it is preferred by all tourists who come to it from all sides and towards the whole year, which means that the crowd in the market will not end once and for all.

Purchase of clothes for the purpose of trafficking:

If you visit the market for the first time and you intend to purchase a huge amount of clothes for the purpose of trade, it is best to pre-subscribe through reliable shipping companies, as the street does not provide goods delivery services to the customer or send the goods out of the country. You must also be patient during the buying process in order not to cheat merchants.
It is important to ascertain the quality of the goods you get, ask more than one place before concluding an agreement and ask those who have experience in the matter, and see successful and failed experiences first before making this decision that may return you with money, or it may be lost if you do not manage it as well as you should Negotiating with the merchants during the purchase process regarding prices to get the best price.

Hotels near Mahmoud Pasha Market:

If you are in love with this street, you will find many five-star hotels that open their doors to tourists in love and a wonderful presentation of their services, among them the best of which are the Fair Hotel, White House Hotel Istanbul and Moyan Suites Hotel.
Residence in this region gives you the opportunity to move freely in Istanbul, as it is close to most of the tourist attractions and is located in the heart of the capital, you will not find any problems in transportation at all.

Working hours of Mahmoud Pasha market:

The market operates every day for half a day, from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. Except for Sunday

When will the Mahmoud Pasha Market close:

The market does not operate on Sundays, nor on public holidays, various occasions, or national holidays.

Market address of Mahmoud Pasha:

The Mahmoud Pasha Market is located in Beyazit, adjacent to the covered markets called the Grand Bazaar.
It is easy to reach the market by taking a bus or tram ride and is close to the Sulaymaniyah Mosque.
It is preferable to enter Mahmoud Pasha Market from the main gate that is located directly on the tram line. You can also ask anyone about Mahmoud Pasha Street if you cannot reach it, as you will find it to the left, after the second pass that leads to the Grand Bazaar.

Its address is detailed:

Mollafenari Mh. 34120 Fatih / İstanbul Turkey

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