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The city of Sohag is located in Upper Egypt, and its history dates back to ancient times, where the Pharaohs inhabited it and built their temples and cemeteries in them, and left many traces that indicate their presence there, and that turned the city into an important tourist and historical region in the world, and the city attracts a huge number of The tourists who come to it to get to know the nature of the pharaonic life that existed in it, as it occupies the interest of many archaeologists and history researchers looking for what this city hides from the effects of the Pharaohs and their secrets.

Sohag City Monuments

The effects of the Abydos region

The ancient area of ​​Abydos is 60 km from the city of Sohag, and this area is known for its association with the legend of Isis and Osiris, and the most important of the Pharaonic monuments in it are:

  • City I Temple: His construction started by King Seti the First and continued the construction works of his son Ramses II. It includes a list of the names of the pharaohs kings from King Mina to King City.
  • Temple of the Ozaries: It is found at the back of Sety I, the cemetery of the god Osiris, and contains a funerary passageway inscribed on its walls with phrases from the Book of the Dead.
  • Temple of Ramses II: It is located on the northern side of the Temple of Seti I, and was built in the beginnings of the reign of Ramses II, and its walls contain reliefs of the battle that took place between the Pharaohs and Hittites.
  • Raisin of raisins: It is located on the northwestern side of the Temple of Ramses II, and was used as a home for the ward guards.
  • The effects of Al-Mahasna: It contains prehistoric and family effects.

The monuments of Akhmim

Akhimim was known as the capital of the Upper Egypt region, and it also occupied a high position among the other Upper Egypt regions. The region contains:

  • Temple of Ramses II: It includes a group of statues dating back to several eras, the most important of which is the statue of Princess Merit Amon.
  • Hawwish cemeteries: It is located in the eastern mountain, 10 km from Sohag, and contains two cemeteries, one of which contains 800 graves.
  • The tombs of Salmoni: It includes a wide cemetery, and a number of its graves date back to the era of the ancient state, while others return to the era of the Greek and Romen states.

The effects of the Atrips region

Atribes is located on the western side of the city of Sohag, about 7 km from it, and it contains:

  • Sheikh Hamad Nag: It consists of archaeological ruins extending over 30 acres, and includes an archaeological temple dating back to the era of Ptolemy X, in addition to a number of graves engraved on the mountain.
  • Al-Harsara graves: It is located on the southern side of the city of Sohag, about 8 km from it, and it contains a number of tombs carved into the rock that date back to the fourth family.

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