The most beautiful places in Tangier is recommended to visit

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Tangier is located in the north of the Kingdom of Morocco and Tangier is the sixth largest city in Morocco in terms of area, and it is one of the most important cities in Morocco that attract tourists to go due to what it has and what it has of the most important tourist attractions and today and in this matter we will touch on Arab travelers to the best places in Tangier so you can visit and enjoy these wonderful places.

The most important hotels in Tangier:

We will mention some of the famous hotels names that are known in Tangier, and they know how efficient their services are and how they deal with visitors:

  • Royal Tulip City Center Hotel.
  • Grand Mogador Hotel & Spa.
  • Farah Tangier hotel.
  • Kenzi Sol Azir Hotel.
  • The Porto Security Hotel.
  • Ibis Tangier City Center.
  • Continental Hotel.
  • El Menzah Hotel.
  • Ramada Encore Tangier.
  • Rembrandt Hotel.

As for now, let us remind you of the most important tourist places in Tangier that make them one of the best cities and distinct tourist destinations that tourists prefer to go to to enjoy their visit.

The most important places of tourism in Tangier:

First: The Kasbah Al-Ghilan “The Kasbah”:

This Kasbah is located on the bank of Wadi Al-Halaq, and it is one of the most famous and important tourist places in Morocco, Tangier. This Kasbah has many important and famous buildings.

Second: The Cave of Hercules:

The Cave of Hercules is considered the largest among the caves in the world, and it is liked by many tourists, especially those who love novels and legends.

Third: Al Haffa Cafe:

This cafe is located on a very high plateau, and it is well known for the best places in Tangier that you can enjoy tea with great lengthening. Some of the most frequent visitors to this cafe are the most famous art and celebrities.

Fourth: The Moroccan Art Museum:

The Museum of Moroccan Arts is one of the most important and best tourist attractions in Tangier and one of its most important sites is its magnificent high location. You cannot miss the opportunity to visit it.

Fifth: Saint Andrew Church:

St. Andrew’s Church is one of the most famous and best churches in the world, St. Andrew’s Church contains many wonderfully beautiful decorative shapes that make it unique.

Sixth: The Grand Market:

The big market in Tangier is the soul of the place in Morocco and Tangier. When you visit it, you cannot think of anything but you will find it there is widely available and there are a lot of wonderful and amazing buildings.


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